Into Arcobaleno in Dispensa – sfumature di Puglia e di Basilicata – (nuances of Puglia and Basilicata) – there are experiences, meetings and focus on agro-food, crafts and art, that is the Puglia’s and Basilicata’s traits.

Social impact

We are an informal group – joined by Alessio Magistro, Nico Paulangelo e Daniela Trisolino at the moment – that activates contaminations between knowledge and tastes, with the aim of educating the user of any event, both if it is a citizen, a consumer or a tourist.

Arcobaleno in Dispensa was born by the will to activate contaminations between three of the sectors on which the growing of our regions is based: crafts, food processing and art – the references to “rainbow" and “nuances" are numerous; from the symbology of the connection of two or more points (different people and sectors but characterized by the identity of the culture of Puglia and Basilicata) to the metaphor linked to the colors (the different knowledge and the different colors with which the territories of Puglia and Basilicata show themselves to us citizens and tourists along the course of the seasons.)

The idea is to set up temporary spaces in which the distances are deleted between producer / artist / involved craftman or user / consumer – through experiences and meetings. Each partner proposes his own competence; the transversal nature of the proposals aims to create a heterogeneous offer to attract different audiences. The advantages are for everyone:

  • active involvement of the public, which can be educated by this action;
  • sharing of communication and marketing strategies, that is good for producers;
  • awareness for not vip artists / operators involved.

The online channels and the PR and Communication area of Dispensa dei Tipici support all the activities. In particular, the dedicated website allows you to take advantage of the long tail of communication on the web and avoid reducing communication to the few days in which singular the event is held.

Arcobaleno in Dispensa was born to be itinerant and will be replicable, with the periodical proposal of several format. The aim is to start up a project that want to generate new opportunities and that aim to give its own contribution to the enhancement of the territory and the development of services for experiential tourism, to the benefit for all.

Projects, experiences, events

Murgia | Puglia and Basilicata | Italy | Europe

It is an invite to let yourself be fascinated visiting our cities and the surrounding Murgia.

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Museum of Rural civilization of Puglia and Basilicata

It is a Museum designed and directed by Vito Santoiemma. ArcobalenoinDISPENSA is starting to managing marketing about the Museum.

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