What to do next Sunday in Puglia? What to do next Sunday in Basilicata?

#dumest invites you to discover a private collection unique all around the world located in Gioia del Colle (Bari, Puglia, Italy), in the heart of Puglia close to the border with Basilicata.

The DUMEST- which aspires to become the Museum of Peasant Civilization of Puglia and Basilicata – opens its doors for free one Sunday per month and guided tours are been programmed at 12.00 – 16.00 – 17.30.

Goods, items and stories kept by DUMEST tell the evolution of the peasant civilization, they give several stimuli to look wih new eyes the history and the traditions of the Murge, Puglia and Basilicata.


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one sunday per month

one sunday per month, why?

This place deserves to be discovered and enhanced, we are committed to doing it.

Ours is a voluntary commitment.

At this time we can give our availability and schedule only one sunday for each month, to guide the visits with details and curiosities.

In the future, who knows…

what about other days?

However, we remain available, compatibly with other tasks.

Contact us, by mail or by phone, and we will find a way to please everyone!


why the DUMEST?

The DUMEST must become the Museum of Peasant Civilization of Puglia and Basilicata.

Visiting the DUMEST means traveling in the last 1000 years of evolution of the Apulian and Lucanian civilizations, resilience and sustainability in such civilization were concrete actions that have given us what we are surrounded by, not only a #hashtag.

We felt in love with this place and we want to contribute to its enhancement.

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around murge

around murge, why?

around murge is a series of events, experiences and stories, that enhances the people and places of the MURGE. It is a project by TIPICI.ORG

+info about around murge

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