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info about producer: Contado

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The Olio Brio extra virgin olive oil Contado is the result of a year-long work which ends with the olive harvesting and the cold-extraction process between November and January.

The Olio Brio Contado is extracted from selected and closely monitored centuries-old olive trees which are solely produced by the trees of the fields of the people of the cooperative, in the area of Toritto, near Bari.

The oil is obtained from typical olives of the area, the most used and cultivar is the Coratina, which is well-known for its natural organoleptic richness, unique fragrances and mouthfeel that only true experts can identify. It is a variety that for this feature is very suitable for organic farming.

It has a yellow-green colour and displays slightly fruitiness with a slight hint of almond, spiciness caused by the high concentration of polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that guarantee its authenticity and its real strength.

A whirl of exciting, healthy and genuine pleasure caused by the using of traditional techniques and the organic farming.

Organic farming respects the environment without releasing pesticides and heavy metals; sustainable agriculture, reducing the use of water, guarantees the nearly total absence of fossil fuel, and is interested in the ecosystems.

Even from a nutritional point of view, organic food has higher nutritional value ensured by stringent control measures throughout the supply chain, from cultivation to packaging and sale.

The oil is a great treasure. We do not have to loose it but we have to use and share it.


info about producer: Contado

Contado, Toritto, Bari, Puglia, Italy.

A cooperative that brings together hundreds of members in a territory that has worked with passion and love for agriculture for centuries.

At the foot of the Parco Nazionale dell’ Alta Murgia , between century-old olive trees and fine almonds of the fine label Filippo Cea , it is situated the cooperative oil mill Contado. A cooperative that brings together hundreds of members in a territory that has worked with passion and love for agriculture for centuries.

It is in these lands heated by the sun that the organic extra virgin oil Contado is produced. This is also the cradle of the almond of Toritto , with its most important variety ” Filippo Cea “. It is also the land of century-old trees that have been the lifeblood of an entire country for over five hundred years.

The agro of Toritto (Bari, Puglia, Italia) is the place where time seems to stand still : plant cultivation , sowing and crops are punctuated by the slow pace of the rhythm of the seasons.

Nature offers its fruits; the oil mill Contado honours nature by preserving and caring it everyday. Toritto is the capital of biodiversity .




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