Dispensa dei Tipici: the online shop of good quality at reasonable prices!


To propose a range of good quality products at reasonable prices!


To be one of the meeting places where producers, players and consumers share information, stories and its added value!

dispensadeitipici.it is an online store, also physical, available to consumers and commercial players.

In the info-shop online there is a wide range of foodstuffs and not only.. also, you can find information needed to satisfy your desire to know what we eat, drink or wear.

Are you are a consumer with eyes for quality?

Do you like the crafts? Do you like to be inspired by art in all its forms? Do you like to find again the taste of tradition, or see what's new about Italian wines & foods?

In that case, Welcome #winelover, #beerlover, #foodlover, #artlover ...

Welcome in this place where, in addition to products, are shared information and stories.

If you are accustomed to buying on the internet, choose between different products on our i-shop online, which we update constantly!

If you want to try and evaluate your purchases with confidence, we are creating a network of physical stores to allow you to choose calmly and buy directly from them!

Why choosing Us

Are you a trader?

Do you manage a wine shop? Do you manage a bar or a restaurant? Do you manage a shop of typical products? Do you organize events?

Let’s study together how to start a partnership that will be a positive addition for your business!

B2B – Business to Business and wholesale buying

How do we select the products?

It would be difficult and a little bit presumptuous claim to have the best products that exist on the market!

Certainly we are a constantly evolving project, and our idea is to select producers who work "using the brain" and we want our customers to be a little bit like us, cause..

what we desire, probably, is that you desire too:

eat, drink, wear, use what a good family man would give to his children!

Who is the seller?

In this online shop, all the sales are managed by:


main office: via Patroni Griffi de Laurentis n.13 - 70029 Santeramo in Colle (Bari, Puglia, Italia)
warehouse: Corso Italia n.264/A – 70029 Santeramo in Colle (Bari, Puglia, Italia)

partita IVA 06913930720
Codice Fiscale PLNRSM83L04A662G
REA BA-522175
contacts: info@dispensadeitipici.it - +39 3934628548

We like to learn and improve!

Please share with us your feedback and your advice, we read them and we will treasure because we want to make your shopping experience better, more and more!

Contact us info@dispensadeitipici.it - +39 3934628548