www.dispensadeitipici.it is a website dedicated to the retail and wholesale of food and non-food items, is owned by DITTA PAULANGELO ERASMO based in SANTERAMO IN COLLE (70029 – BARI – ITALIA), address CORSO ITALIA n. 264/A, with registration number in the Business Register at the Chamber of Commerce of Bari 522175 REA, Tax Code PLNRSM83L04A662G, VAT number 06913930720, certified e-mail address PAULANGELOERASMO@PEC.IT.

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE regulate the use of website www.dispensadeitipici.it, services and content present in it (for example: images, software, texts, trademarks and logos, color combinations, structures and drawings).

The languages available for use of website www.dispensadeitipici.it are Italian and English.

1. Definitions

1.1. With the "DISPENSA DEI TIPICI" expression is meant DITTA PAULANGELO ERASMO, or the entity which sells the material goods as well as the person who arranges the accessories information services to the sale on the website www.dispensadeitipici.it.


Corso Italia n. 264/A – 70029 Santeramo in Colle (Bari, Italia)
VAT 06913930720
Tax Code PLNRSM83L04A662G
REA 522175
e-mail address info@dispensadeitipici.it
certified e-mail address PAULANGELOERASMO@PEC.IT

1.2. With the "USER" expression is meant any person that access and / or use the website www.dispensadeitipici.it. The "USER" accepts, from the moment he first makes access and / or use the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, which apply regardless of the Terms and Conditions of Sale that govern the purchase of products in the online catalog of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it.

2. Acceptance of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE

2.1. By accessing, using, browsing, reading, purchasing of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, the USER fully accepts these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, and is obliged to read.

2.2. If USER decides not to accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, please do not access, use, browse, read, buy on the website www.dispensadeitipici.it.

2.3. USER is asked to read and periodically visit this page, so these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE.

2.4. Please note that DISPENSA DEI TIPICI provides some third-party content (including, but not limited to, images, recipes, trivia and news), such content is provided for informational purposes and DISPENSA DEI TIPICI can’t always make sure the legality, validity, accuracy and legality of the items listed.

3. The website www.dispensadeitipici.it

3.1. Access to website www.dispensadeitipici.it is free.

3.2. The website www.dispensadeitipici.it is managed by DISPENSA DEI TIPICI (DITTA PAULANGELO ERASMO as specified in Section 1.1).

3.3. The USER accepts the website www.dispensadeitipici.it "as is."

3.4. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that could possibly result from the use of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it. Without prior notice, the website and its contents may be modified or replaced. Any information and / or requests can be sent to: info@dispensadeitipici.it

4. Protection of the Online Privacy

4.1. All data transmitted by the USER, by accessing or using the website www.dispensadeitipici.it will be treated in accordance with the rules of "Protection of the online privacy", viewable to the Privacy Policy page that are herein explicitly mentioned and accepted by the USER.

4.2. While using the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, DISPENSA DEI TIPICI can store information about the USER. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI is committed to protecting the USER’s privacy as specified in paragraph 4.1 above.

5. Rights and Obligations of the USER

5.1. USER by creating an account on the website www.dispensadeitipici.it can access and use certain features and characteristics of the service offered by DISPENSA DEI TIPICI.

USER acknowledge and agree that the "username" - that is, the identification code chosen to access the private area of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it - and "password must be kept secure, secret and confidential. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI has the right to accept such "username" and "password" as conclusive proof that the USER has accessed or used the website www.dispensadeitipici.it.

5.2. The USER agrees not to transmit, distribute, post, communicate or store information and other materials:

- Copyrighted or revealing trade secrets;
- Obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, libelous, sexually explicit;
- Unsolicited messages or which constitute advertising or solicitation, surveys, chain letters;
- Containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs and other items intended to damage, intercept or misused data, information, physical and logical structures of DISPENSA DEI TIPICI, its affiliates or third parties.

5.3. USER agree not to:

- Register as BUYER according to the Terms and Conditions of Sale using maliciously false or incomplete;
- Allowing third parties to use your user name or password, once registered;
- Delete or revise any material or other information of other users or DISPENSA DEI TIPICI;
- Collect or otherwise obtain information about others, including e-mail addresses, without the express consent of the owner;
- Access to site data protected or to which you are unauthorized and infringe the system or the security measures of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it;
- Act to overload so unreasonable or disproportionate physical and logical systems of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, also through actions of "flooding", "spamming", "mail bombing" or "crashing";
- Use any device, software or other programs for the purpose of impairing or groped to undermine the smooth functioning of www.dispensadeitipici.it web site; and groped to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the software that composes or constitutes part of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it;
- Use or groped to use engines, software programs, tools, agents or other mechanisms (such as: spiders, robots, ...) that allow you to browse or search the website www.dispensadeitipici.it without using the engines or research agents of the same.

Any illegal conduct or do not comply with these provisions shall be prosecuted according to the law through the competent authorities.

6. Copyrights and industrial directive

6.1. All copyright rights in and to the content of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it (such as, but not limited to, text, graphics, photographs, images, user interface) and the selection, coordination and organization of them are property of DISPENSA DEI TIPICI, its affiliates or third party licensees. No statement in case contained in the web site shall grant any license or industrial rights on the copyrights of DISPENSA DEI TIPICI or third parties.

6.2. The contents of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it are intended to the USER and the BUYER (as specified in the Terms and Conditions of Sale) of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it; the unauthorized commercial use of the content is forbidden.

USER can freely display the contents of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, print, copy and store them on the hard drive of your computer or other physical medium, on its own responsibility and exclusively for personal and private use, in compliance with current legislation copyright protection.

6.3. All rights to trademarks, product names, trade names, logos, product packaging and designs of all products or services by DISPENSA DEI TIPICI, its affiliates or third parties, both in expanded form, and with the trademark symbol, belong exclusively to their legitimate owners, in accordance with international agreements and the laws in force. all are expressly prohibited uses that may infringe these rights.

7. Hyperlinks (links)

7.1. The website www.dispensadeitipici.it may contain hyperlinks (links) to other Web sites. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI assumes no responsibility for any content or services offered by third parties, nor does it guarantee the technical availability, reliability, legality of any material or information contained in the linked websites.

7.2. The possible inclusion of a link on the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, does not entail any type of association, merger or participation of DISPENSA DEI TIPICI with owners and the contents of the linked web sites.

8. Accessibility

8.1. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI undertakes to ensure that the use of the website www.dispensadeitipici.it is accessible to any user who becomes USER, including who has the disability, and has designed the site keeping in mind accessibility for all.

8.2. If USER known something to improve the website www.dispensadeitipici.it, it's content, function, or else, may send an email to info@dispensadeitipici.it including the suggestion. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI undertakes to evaluate the suggestions by the USER and put them where possible in practice.

9. Duration and modification of these conditions

9.1. DISPENSA DEI TIPICI reserves, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, remove part of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, at any time and without notice.

9.2. Any changes in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE will take effect immediately from the first publication on the website and until the time new changes.

10. Applicable Legislation

10.1. The relationship between DISPENSA DEI TIPICI and the USER is governed by Italian law.