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LA VALLE NEL PARCO Fagiolo bianco 5 kg


White beans 5kg - white bean 5 kg - manufacturer: La Valle Nel Parco


info about producer: La valle nel parco

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Bean white Kg 5 - La valle nel parco, good legumes from Altamura - dried

White bean is cultivated in Apulia (Italy) where it was been well adapted to the characteristics of Murgia on the border between Puglia and Basilicata (Italy) and alternate the cultivation on what enriching the fields.


Keep soaking the desired amount of legumes, about 10-12 hours.

Cook slowly in a pot, carefully covering legumes with water.

Add according to your taste: salt and flavors (onion, garlic, celery, etc.).

Wait for your favorite cooking point.


Beans are recommended for every age.

Serve alone in a plate by adding a string of extra virgin olive oil made in Italy, accompaign with bread of Matera.

Serve on bread slices or croutons or with pasta, the dish with pasta or bread and legumes represent a good choiche to respect the mediterranean diet.

White bean

La valle nel parco

info about producer: La valle nel parco

La valle nel parco is a farm located in the Alta Murgia Park (Bari, Puglia, Italy), the chief is Pietro Cifarelli, the farm prduce vegetables and whatever the land offers.

The farm "La valle nel parco" manufactures the widest range of typical legumes of Alta Murgia area, becoming the guardian of a biodiversity that was disappearing.

Combining modern techniques, the company aim to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of legumes in which our ancestors have accustomed us.

Pietro Cifarelli has combined its passion and dedication to the important legume culture for the apulian territory, to the cultivation of these legumes that were disappearing.

La valle nel parco produce by integrated methods that use phytosanitary products that are (also) used in organic farming.




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