Everywhere we read “typical products for sale“. We asked ourselves at least once “but what is a typical product?“. We believe that typicality should represent a value to share through information, projects, expert advice and a lot of effort.

News, about beauty and taste.

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il mosto the must copertina (2)-min

The must

The must.   it is an article by La Fillossera – lafillossera.com The must is the juice obtained by pressing the grapes. There are hundreds of substances that can be ...
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Il triangolo d’oro – parte prima - copertina x notizia-min

The golden triangle – part one

The golden triangle – part one. it is an article by Città Meridiane – cittameridiane.it  The territory between Monopoli, Fasano and Ostuni boasts an unparalleled historical and archaeological richness. The ...
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orecchiette con pesto orecchiette with pesto-min

Orecchiette with rocket pesto and caramelized tomatoes

 Orecchiette with rocket pesto and caramelized tomatoes.  it is a recipe by Crispy Kitchen – crispykitchen.com I opened the fridge and saw 3 products I love .. you will probably have ...
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Why in the world we use 75 cl bottle?

Why in the world we use 75 cl bottle?  it’s an article from Vinoway – vinoway.com There are many questions about the bottle of wine size, but the most common ...
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News and info about us and about our products, people and land. weareTipici: Nice People and Places.

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presentazione rassegna musicale ecotopia nel gioco del jazz dispensa dei tipici new sound music season ecotopia

Presentation of music season Ecotopia. The collaboration with Nel Gioco del Jazz has been renewed

Presentation of music season Ecotopia. The collaboration with Nel Gioco del Jazz has been renewed. Nel Gioco del Jazz renews the partnership with Dispensa dei Tipici. Wednesday, September 6, 2017 ...
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Puglia and Basilicata

News and info about Puglia’s and Basilicata’s land and more.

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faggete gargano unesco place-min

Umbra Forest: Unesco inserts beech wood in the World Heritage Site

Umbra Forest: Unesco inserts beech wood in the World Heritage Site. The UNESCO – World Heritage Commission has decreed the inclusion of the Umbra Forest of Gargano in the World ...
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Info and education for a correct diet, typical and sustainable.

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il formaggio the cheese copertina-min

Cheese, the diet of the future

Cheese, the diet of the future.  it is an article by Formaggio.it – formaggio.it The cheese does not hurt so it’s recommended by scientists. Much has been said about cheese ...
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Simple and selfless travel tips and info to become tourist, learning the art of touring Puglia and Basilicata, but not only.

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desertificazione desertification copertina-min

Desertification: 30 centimeters that change everything

Desertification: 30 centimeters that change everything.  it is an article by Nuovo e Utile – nuovoeutile.it  Desertification makes poor in their economic, aesthetic, social, cultural and religious very wide areas ...
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News and info about what we eat, drink and grow in our countryside.

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mangia che ti fanno bene le fave eat that are good for you the fava beans copertina-min

Eat that are good for you.. the fava beans

Eat that are good for you.. the fava beans. Article taken from biodiversitapuglia.it by Antonella Berlen Eat, that’s good for you, patiently solicited the grandmother, while the granddaughter was in ...
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News and info about skilful hands that shape ideas and transform them into works of art.

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Pecore Attive a Pitti Immagine Uomo 93.

Pecore Attive, azienda di Altamura (Bari, Puglia, Italia), produce esclusivi tessuti in lana secondo l’antica tradizione italiana; la materia prima? La splendida, candida lana della pecora Gentile di Puglia.
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News and info from arts and artists. Let’s talk about. We are surrounded by it but often we don’t notice it. Art belongs to everyone but without the artist it would not exist.

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il fiore della vita

The flower of Life

The flower of Life.   it is a news by Giú in Lab – giuinlab.com Prehistoric contaminations become ceramic. A few years ago during an excursions around the Valle d’Itria, ...
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Recipes to pass on to future generations. Written down recovering traditions and also by the creative expression of those who sign them one by one.

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magazine dispensadeitipici - copertina x notizia (2)-min (1)

Cicory and Fava Beans

Cicory and Fava Beans.  it is a recipe by Gastronomia Lucana – gastronomialucana.wordpress.com Traditional recipe from Basilicata. Ingredienti: 500 g of dried faba beans chili pepper, q.b. 1 kg of ...
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Basilicata & Puglia - videoTRIP


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