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Nice People and Places

Dispensa dei Tipici office is in Santeramo in Colle, at the borders between Puglia and Basilicata, around Murge, in the south of Italy.

That is the reason why we love Murgia, Apulia and Basilicata.

We consider food & wine as a business card of our production areas. Here we have alive territories, within them there are a lot of things to discover.

We want to improve our typical products awareness, the territory beautifulness so.

We invite consumers and tourists to travel to production areas, also for discovering citizens, culture and traditions.

This network is a big familiy working costantly for growing and for improving themself.

Puglia and Basilicata, not only in Puglia and in Basilicata, available for your fingertips … and click!



for those who live and travel in Puglia and in Basilicata

Activities, places, points of interest … typical things to know and to visit!

It is easy to consult thanks to categories.


Welcome to our PugliaeBasilicata

We want those who travel Puglia and Basilicata could feel at home. There are some useful basic services and tips for a better staying, as if living for a few days in a large family. But… just for a few days?!?


Meet and know our stories

Wines, olive oils, fruits and vegetables and not only.. There are many production chains in Puglia and Basilicata. You can learn a lot by visiting the production places, meeting the manufacturers and knowing their stories.


Travel as you like

Did you know Puglia and Basilicata are real open-air museums? You can tailor your trip, you need just very little to be amazed!


Visit places are considered to be special by us

Mark in your agenda some special places to visit in Puglia and Basilicata. There are a lot of attractions, for free or for a few euros, they deserve our attention.


Enjoy our sea and our countryside

A bit of movement and fun activities never hurts! Near the sea or in the countryside, not only outdoors, during summer and till winter … Enjoy Puglia and Basilicata, you will not be bored!


DeguStation for taste and relax

People and places where you can have a rest for tasting our typical products and dishes through Puglia and Basilicata. Here you will find restaurants, bars and café, agriturismo, pubs and bistros.


Shopping tips

Shops where you can purchase typical Puglia and Basilicata products. Not only food, we give you some tips about book shops, food and wine shops, handcratfs, clotes and more…

Local Services

Local Services to feel at home

Useful local services for tourists who travel in Puglia and Basilicata, and more.

Social Impact

Social impact for our community

What we do affects the places where we live and the people who live there. We pay attention to our Network Social Impact.



for those who live and travel around Italy and the world

Friends who share and spread awareness about our values, our traditions, our products.

Here there are places to find a bit of Puglia and Basilicata both around Italy both around the World.


Basilicata & Puglia - videoTRIP


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