ergane magazine


Free Magazine about Environment, Wellness, Culture and Unknown.

This Ergane magazine is born from the dream of a unique conscience, united by an OWN vision … is born from a gift called ERGANE, brought out by Alice Ropa's love words and friendship, which the editorial staff thanks, but also by someone who listen to dreams and embrace them as theirs makes them alive, Giorgia Meo, the one who created “The Factory of Dreams" and made this magazine real.

At this Time made of chaos, change, fall and rebirth, ERGANE comes as a clear water that dissolves the traveler, filling it with real Fides – Knowledge, the goal of those who have come together under the same dream: Rosanna Toraldo, Primula Meo, Giuseppe Albanese , Elena Moretti and many others …!), Elena Moretti, Eliseo Politi, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Antonio Greco, Giovanna Ciracì, Antonella Tamiano, Antonella Grasso, Emanuele Ricercato.

ERGANE, directed by Dr. Antonio Greco, is a rich container where anyone can bring something abut himself. It is divided into four areas: A – B – C – X, it promotes 360 ° the Environment, Physical and Spiritual Wellness, Culture and the Unknown.


will lead the reader among the natural beauties, the preservation of the environment and the protection of animals and will deal with the laws that protect our territory and our four-legged friends.


will involve and bring together, in harmonious equilibrium, themes from the Allopathic and Biointegrated Medicine, the Holistic and Spiritual Techniques, Oriental Philosophies, Astrology, Astrophysics and so on, orienting the reader into a healthy knowledge of psycho-physical and emotional well-being at which the human being tends to.


will give the reader all the ancient and new knowledge and virtues of Culture. It will give space to the talented talent with hands, voice, and music. Mandala will bring joy to children and those who have a child and a baby dance inside.


ancient knowledge and often little known, will lead us to mysteries that are still unresolved and tough, where the incognito, isoterism and esotericism will be treated with mastery.

Freedom of expression

ERGANE is also a freedom of expression for young people, for those who “in rhyme" want to tell about himself, for poets not yet expressed, artists not yet recognized and for all those in our newspaper trying to crown a dream. For the new and old crafts brought to light by those who dare a new work. There is no limit to the thought of expression, unless the respect of the human being is violated. And in respect of the brother and sister who sits next to us, we will give voice to interculture, not by placing territorial barriers but by singing to love and peace.

We will open the doors of the heart of this Goddess, who is the same Salento, the same color, the same wings to fly freely to carry our knowledge to the reader, and welcoming it will include the gift.