Dispensa dei Tipici

Projects, experiences and typical products to be Ambassadors of Puglia and Basilicata.

Dispensa dei Tipici is a pantry where you can discover the culture and typical products of Puglia and Basilicata:

  • there are events and experiences to learn about places and producers;
  • there is an online store to receive typical products at home.



 Happiness moments with the magic of experiences for tourists and not only.

Experiences with Crafts, Arts and Flavors

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 Our desire to share the typical product’s authentic value. An online shop for increasing the producer-consumer’s trust.

Authentic typical products, simple!

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 Puglia and Basilicata, not only in Puglia and in Basilicata, available for your fingertips … and click!

Nice People and Places

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 Building the value of the TIPICO or TYPICAL concept through information, events, curiosities, projects, advice, and so on. etc. etc..

News about Beauty and Taste

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 To create links between food, crafts and arts, that is the identity traits of Puglia and Basilicata togenerate a positive change in our society.

+Happy Projects +Happy People

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