We are sad for the Corona Virus (COVID-19) developments. We feel to express our closeness to you have suffered and now you’re healed and we feel to express our closeness to you are still suffering. We want to express our condolences to you who have lost someone. If you are reading this message, wherever you are in the world, considering this our small way, you have to know you are in our thoughts, that we regret really for the situation  and that you are part of us!

We really hope the pandemic will end soon.

 We can’t wait to return to being able to smile looking to the future, to being able to live our freedoms, to being able to appreciate our differences and our heritage, to being able to enjoy our interconnected world.

It also depends on us and our actions.

 Daily news of the death of hundreds of people and many elderly people makes us sad, the elderly are a patrimony to be always protected. It is a catastrophe, but we will get out of it, all together.

 We too, in our small way, invite everyone to follow the indications and precautions indicated on the institutional websites (+ info ITALY: (+ info WORLD:

We work.

 Referring to our work, we continue to work for developing the web portal ( and to reorganize our spaces and our strategies.

 We sell typical products of Puglia and typical products of Basilicata. We care about the products quality and genuineness. It is important for us to guarantee very short shipping times. The products must not undergo too many steps and temperature changes, they must be delivered to the consumer’s home as they were when they were collected from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Regular shipments.

Hoping this situation will improve, we ship products with the best effort we can.

Info e assistance.

 You can continue browsing our portal and its various sections. It is possible to place orders, but shipments will resume on April 7th, 2020.

If you have any questions, you can use one of our channels

telephone: +39 3934628548
whatsapp: +39 3934628548

Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Italy and all over the World.

To inform us and inform you about the reality and developments of the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Italy and all over the world, we publish the official bulletin every day.

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The future is in our hands, in our heads, in our behaviors.

We have to follow all rules.

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