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Almond from Toritto.

Almond from Toritto is the fruit of the almond tree, Amygdalus communis L., and is obtained from the native cultivar ‘Filippo Ceo’ also called ‘Aminue’ (at least 70%), ‘Antonio De Vito’ (up to 20%) and other cultivars (up to 10%).

The almond Filippo Cea is characterized by a fruit in shell from the weight of 5 g, the seed from an average weight of 1.6 g with a percentage of seeds double or twin around 30%. For its strong pastiness is indicated for the preparation of sweets to which confers intense and pleasant aroma and for the preparation of almond milk.

The almonds are well preserved inside their shells; if shelled, should be kept as much as possible away from light, air, heat.

The almond from Toritto or almonds from Toritto, generally, are sold in sealed packages; if they are sold in bulk should be stored in closed containers to prevent rancidity.

Product category

Vegetable products in their natural state or processed

Other names


Area of origin

the town of Toritto (Bari, Puglia, Italy)

Productive process

The plants are cultivated with three branches.

The winter production pruning takes into account that the fruiting occurs primarily on darts.

The average flowering time falls in the second half of February.

The harvest generally takes place in August-September by beating consisting in beating the branches with long poles to make the mature product fell down.

Fruits harvested are freed from the husk and placed to dry so that the water content is less than 7%; this ensures a good conservation of the product.

The production in almonds without the husk is high and can reach an average of 1.3 t / ha.

Production period


History and tradition

In the province of Bari the cultivation of almonds was widespread and affected the agricultural landscape and popular culture: just think of the heritage of Puglia peasant songs linked to long operations concerning the almond working.

In the town of Toritto they select several cultivars that carrying the name of famous citizens of Toritto: the ‘Antonio De Vito’, the ‘Genco’ and ‘Filippo Cea’ (of which survives the first plant in the town of Toritto).

description from Atlas of Apulian products “Atlante dei Prodotti Tipici di Puglia Prima edizione – Ottobre 2006”

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