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 After the economic crisis they began to look carefully at the agriculture, they re-evaluate working in the fields and the quality of peasant life.

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 Until a few years ago, the farmers’ children fled both the land and the effort the fields need to have a more comfortable life.

 Since few years ago, after the economic crisis that mainly affected our country, the farmers’ sons and daughters began to look at the land with greater attention, after they registered less prospects for other economic sectors they re-evaluated the work in the fields and the quality of peasant life .

 Some of them have rediscovered the peasant civilization and have begun thinking about how to improve the condition of their parents. They aim to find a new perspective with the goal of staying in family businesses.

 In this context, they reassessed biodiversity and sustainability, which are two sides of the same “cultural medal”.

 If this is the actual situation, especially in the Southern part of Italy, the Municipalities should resume supporting and promoting work in the fields and the value of the products of the earth. For too many years, municipal administrations had abandoned agriculture to its own efforts. Nowadays they should promote local products, short supply chains, sustainable diets, peasant traditions.

 In doing so, agriculture would resume its primary role in the economy of many municipalities. Plus, agriculture improve the quality of life making us all be healthier and happier.

 Here are some things to do:

  • to increase the agricultural territory awareness, as well as agrobiodiversity and the traditions related to the land;
  • to recover, to characterize and to enhance the ancient varieties;
  • to promote biodiversity itineraries, food communities and farmers’ markets;
  • to create partnerships in order to obtain more business strength and in order to exploit the opportunities offered by Community policy.

Written by Pietro Santamaria for the project Biodiverso;

neu nuovo e utile
The main purpose of the integrated project BiodiverSO is to help achieve a significant reduction of the current rate of erosion of the biodiversity of Apulian horticultural species.

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