Shared values, to export the culture of know-how. Starting from training.

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 Shared values: let us start from here, from that “little old world” that is a heritage of knowledge, mind, hands and heart, from that workshop of beauty and wisdom represented by the métiers d’art. A dogma we have been repeating in a loud and clear voice into Mestieri d’Arte magazine (link: www.mestieridarte.it) for several semesters, a concept that is inscribed in our DNA, our mind, our spirit. The common effort of Swan Group (link: www.arbiter.it) and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte (link: www.fondazionecologni.it). The editorial choice of promoting the art of know-how and… how to know. Indeed there is no product without communication, above all when we talk about objects that, though precious, are the expression of a non-serialised enterpreneurial culture.

 Easy to say, much less to accomplish. And we come back to the message the magazine Mestieri d’Arte (link: www.mestieridarte.it) is passionately committed to convey. Italy – a land so rich in tradition – has nearly only made mistakes. Not just in the recent years, but ever since the war. Elsewhere in the world, excellences were defended, systems were created to support a structure stretching from apprenticeship to production and trade. On the contrary, only a handful of magnificent soloists resisted here. The post-1968 idea of the right to education, as opposed to the duty of study, of the “political 18 pass” at the university, became the dominant homologated thought. Who worked in a workshop (what a nice word!) was labelled as a poor: he didn’t want to study, thus he went to work. As if the greatness of the true made in Italy had no been created by the arts and crafts. As if our universities produced working places and not unemployed people.

 For this reason the new beginning must start from our heritage. From manual skills, but in teh new interpretation of a contemporary artisan merging his own capabilities with the complex universe of design. Let us open our workshops and let new light in. This is non a cultural manifesto for its own sake, nor a proclamation. It represents the individual who does not give in to massification and rediscovers beauty. The beauty that is often in the eye of the beholder. Workshops and artisans are words that taste of poetry. Here the concepts of “atelier” must be turned into a new idea: the enterpreneurial atelier, enclosing all.  The strategic axis is the same, founded on the reappraisal of symbolic values, adapted to reality. Creativity, design, qualified workers, experiement, perfection.

 To publish is to communicate, conveying an idea from A to B. Despite good intentions it is not always possible to join both ends or to give value. Arts & Crafts & Design, in its small way, succeeded, having been appreciated not only by the people working in the field, by the most careful readers, but above all across the border, by those who know the value of what we are saying. Hence a new step in our story, because the issue you are going to read (not just leaf through!) (link www.issuu.com) will travel through the whole world also in its English edition thanks to a strategic agreement with Vacheron Constantin for the international issue, with unchanged contents. Since its foundation in 1755, the Geneva Maison has defended its manufacturing tradition transforming its island in an unviolable stronghold. Now it will give its patronage to Mestieri d’Arte in the declination of Arts & Crafts & Design. A further sign of how Italian ingeniousness can flourish wherever it finds sensitivity, a confirmation of Franco Cologni-s farsightedness and of the quality of alla Franz Botre’s creations.

 One last note in defiance of a risky rhetoric. You will find here in the magazine (link: www.issuu.com)  a contribution by Gae Aulenti. the lady of architecture faced the Great Mystery while this magazine was being published. We left it as it was, written in the first person, without annotations or “distico”. A way to show respect and profound admiration for the greatness of this extraordinary interpreter of creativity, who bent the rules and made – together with artisans – the most ambitious project “feasible”. May the earth be light upon her.

Written by Gianluca Tenti for magazine Mestieri d’Arte & Design, Anno I, Numero 1, Dicembre 2012, pag.11;
(link: www.issuu.com)

neu nuovo e utile

Mestieri d’Arte & Design is an editorial project dedicated to the excellence in Italian and international artisanship, to its origins and to its relationships with creativity and style. Not only stories and products but also materials, techniques, ateliers, schools are narrated onto its pages. And above all, the masters: the artisans.

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