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On 2nd June 2019, Prima Domenica: Gioia del Colle

Murgia is waiting for you!

Prima Domenica: Gioia del Colle is an invitation to discover the beauty that Gioia del Colle and the surrounding Murgia ioffer on 2nd June 2019, the first Sunday of the month June.

Gioia del Colle (Bari, Puglia, Italia) is halfway between Bari (Puglia) and Matera (Basilicata).

What to do?

First indulge yourself to travel through the historic old townwhere several historical periods are expressed in the architecture of the streets, of the churches, of the castle (also) of Federico II … fascinating!

Then discover the National Archaeological Museum and the Rural Civilization Museum; the Norman-Swabian Cas; the San Domenico church and many more; Historic buildings… wow!

Mozzarella, primitivo wine and other typical products will wait for you in farms, restaurants, wine bars, trattorias and pizzerias, among the city centre and the colourful countryside.

Whatever. There is something for everyone! Whether you are a local, an Italian or a foreign tourist.

There are several activities, some for free others by fee. Get more info on website ( or writing to: +39 3934628548

An Infopoint will be set up at Museo della Civiltá Contadina:
> via Giuseppe di Vittorio 115, Gioia del Colle (Bari, Puglia)
from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Prima Domenica: Gioia del Colle on 2nd June 2019 aims to increase Puglia’s and Basilicata’s Typical Crafts, Arts and Flavours, that is creating connections between all the beauty that surrounds us.

Idea by Arcobaleno in Dispensa (



Infopoint will be at

Museo della Civiltá Contadina di Vito Santoiemma

> via Giuseppe di Vittorio 115, Gioia del colle (Bari)

from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm
from 3:00 am till 7:00 pm

Cell. + Mail

+39 3934628548

why VISITA.INFO? is an invitation to discover Murgia’s and surrounding areas’, among urban centers and countryside: not only wine and food.

What to do

Art and Culture and Traditions

h 08:30 am … h 3:00 pm
[ visit Monte Sannace Archaeological Park; strada Provinciale 61 km 4,5 (entrance by fee) ]

h 08:30 am  … h 7.30 pm
[ visit National Archeologic Museum; piazza Martiri del 1799 (entrance by fee) ]

h 08:30 am … h 7.30 pm
[ visit Norman Swabian Castle; piazza Martiri del 1799 (entrance by fee) ]

h 08:30 am … h 7:00 pm
[ visit Castle, Archaeological Museum and Park guided by an expert (by fee, reservation required at +39 0803491780) ]

h 08:30 am … h 11.3o pm
[ discover “Le Porte dell’Imperatore" paintings on ancient doors around the Old Town ( taylored tip tour, without guide / info: 0039 3934628548) ]

h 10:00 am … h 12:00 pm
h 4:00 pm … h 6:00 pm
[ visit San Domenico’s Church; piazza Margherita di Svezia 6 (free entry, with religious silence) ]

h 10:00 am … h 2:00 pm
h 3:00 pm … h 19:00 pm
[ visit Peasant Civilization Museum of Vito Santoiemma, school of Crafts, Arts and Flavours; via Giuseppe di Vittorio 115 (free entry, free visit) ]

h 08:30 am … h 11:30 pm
[ have a break for Lunch, for Aperitif or for Dinner choosing one restaurant, wine bar, trattoria or pizzeria recommended by the GioiaCom network (Gioia del Colle Trading Association, info: 0039 3356696191) ]

Where to eat

network Dispensa dei Tipici

There are farms, restaurants, wine bars, trattorias and pizzerias. You find them across historical centre ora intro the natural countryside.

We are organizing our network to suggest Tipici places and people.

coming soon…

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