il colore è di casa in puglia the colors live in Puglia copertina

Colors live in Puglia.

Where the sun transforms figs and cherry tomatoes, red, trough the white alleys in the city, and it accompanies the vital energy of the green that turns into yellow in the wheat fields, into the vineyards, into the olive oil mills, and warms up the cliffs and the  beaches that are lapped by the blue of the Caribbean sea, along the 860 km of coasts in which the eyes loses.

Art, History, Folklore, Food & Wine. Are the predominant elements of Tourism made in Puglia.

You can walk in the footsteps of history among the holy stones of the Romanesque cathedrals, hermitages carved into the rock or baroque churches and among the secular stones of the Federico II’s castles, rupestrian villages and endless dry stone walls that mark the landscape.

You can dive into the blue, the green, in the blue and in the countless nuances of which turns the sea from Gargano to the land of Bari to the deep Salento and that is the background to an uninterrupted series of white villages and historic towns perched on rocky cliffs.

You can immerse yourself into the depths of the karstic caves and then discover the Alta Murgia National Park, the nature reserves and Marine Protected Areas.

For those who want to enjoy sport and adventure this is the right place, because you can discover Puglia through the trekking routes or cycleways and horse trails, among olive trees, oaks and vineyards.

And then you can tease Typical dishes from Puglia, a slice of bread from Altamura DOP topped with tomatoes variety Fiaschetto from Torre Guaceto and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Or drink a glass of wine Primitivo of Gioia del Colle DOP accompanied by a slice of cheese Canestrato Pugliese DOP and apulian taralli..

Unique products, made by hands, handcrafted stuffs as the whistles of Rutigliano, the Pottery of Grottaglie and the cane baskets of Acquarica del Capo.

Social agriculture and responsible tourism, Agritourism, B & B and historic farms, for those who love ecotourism.

Wellness centers and spas for those who want to spendo several hours to be dedicate to themselves, to their body and mind in a relaxing holiday.

Conference centers, exhibition areas and meeting rooms for those who come in Puglia for business.

From Murgia to the Terra di Bari, from the Valle d’Itria to the Taranto’s Hills and the Ionian coast, from Gargano to Salento: Puglia represent the perfect combination of land and sea, between the sacred and the profane, festivities, rituals connected with the tradition and Francigene streets. Then events, large festivals, music concerts, film festivals and art exhibitions.

Easy to get to (it has two major airports), easy to get around and easy to program.

In short, the perfect destination for a trip. It is said that one is not enough to enjoy it all (true!), and pending the the next time, DISPENSA DEI TIPICI is the perfect way to learn how to taste and discover the Puglia!

What are you waiting for? Colors live in Puglia, let start color yourself of Puglia!

il colore è di casa in puglia the colors live in Puglia

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