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The italian snack and the snack around the world.

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What do young and old people eat for a snack in Italy and around the world?

Snack is usually a light meal consumed mainly by children between the lunch and dinner.

Maybe not everybody knows that the word “snack” comes from Latin and means “things to deserve”. In effect the parents often still use today to tell children that if do not behave well the child can not have a snack or can only have a less welcome snack, just as punishment.

What snacks are consumed around the world?

in Chile

In Chile, the snack consists of a mini meal of local products. It is ideal not only as an afternoon snack but also as a dinner after a rich lunch. Is an informal moment in Chile in which the family gather around the table to eat with savory foods, sandwiches, avocado fresh or spreaded on a bread slice. At the end of the snack time usualy dulce de leche and biscuits are eaten.

In India

The traditional Indian snack is called “sweet lassi” and is a refreshing drink made of yoghurt, water and fruit. The lassi is also drunk during meals in India but in savory version.

In the United States of America

The traditional American snack is made with jam and peanut butter with which the sandwiches are stuffed.

in Australia

During snack time in Australia people use to drink “high tea” as an accompaniment to a snack of chicken and roast beef sandwiches, sweet meringues, peaches, berries and coconut jams.

In Japan

“Oyatsu” are the sweet snacks consumed in Japan typically around three in the afternoon. Among other foods that are commonly eaten by children after school there are: a cake made with water chestnuts, waffles accompanied by jams, and the classic Japanese nigiri and even savory dishes such as ramen crab.

in West Africa

The snack in West Africa is based mainly on fried products which are sold at any time of day on the streets. You may find bananas in vanilla batter, the puff puff, in the picture, especially in Nigeria, that are similar to the italian carnival pancakes or other typical fried donuts.

In Italy

But what is the traditional Italian snack? Until a few decades ago the answer might be simple, bread butter and sugar in the North of Italy and bread seasoned with extra virgin olive oil in the South of Italy. This was the snack that our grandparents used to consume: cheap, energetic and healthful. Today is a bit more difficult to identify the typical Italian snack. It can range from fresh fruit and yogurt, biscuits, sweetnesses of all kinds, various snacks and the classic bread with Nutella.

Snack in other languages

Italian: merenda
German: snacks
Spanish: bocadillo
French: casse-croûte

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