perchè dobbiamo aspettare il black friday why do we have to wait for black friday

Why do we have to wait for Black Friday?

Here are some simple tips for purchasing on-line wine, food and more on Dispensa dei Tipici.

Getting discounts does not have to be a prerogative of the Black Friday only, you can also choose to pay the goods at a fair price throughout the year.

There are so many smart ways to buy at discount prices online or in person, just do a search on search engines and you’ll find thousands of them.

Here are some simple tips for purchasing on-line wine, food and more on Dispensa dei Tipici.

1 – Sign up and Log in to get your customized prices

It’s free, you do not have to pay anything and you are not obliged to buy minimum quantities. You can browse the products with all the calmness and tranquility you need.


But, on the first purchase you’ll get 15% discount, applied at the cart amount

2 – Sign up and Log in to activate quantity discounts

an idea to take advantage of discounts is to do the shopping with family/friend.

Combine more people orders has three advantages:

share and pay less the shipping costs
– pay less for products thanks to quantity discounts
– the wine and the food, shared, taste better

3 – Contact our customer service

If you do not find the product you are looking for, if you have any doubts or any other issues, please contact our Customer Service

+39 3934628548 |

4 – Sign up for newsletter

Yes they seem to be annoying, but you can get first sight of sales and offers and curious and tasty news by Dispensa dei Tipici.


5 – Remember that Dispensa dei Tipici is more than an online shop

To propose a range of good quality products at reasonable prices!

To be one of the meeting places where producers, players and consumers share information, stories and its added value!

We like to learn and improve!
Please share with us your feedback and your advice, we read them and we will treasure because we want to make your shopping experience better, more and more!