The Pasticciotto

The Pasticciotto it is a recipe by La dolce cucina di Paola – Fancy of spring, sun, mild temperatures (not suffocating heat!!!),  trips, summer vacations… The Pasticciotto leccese: lu sule, lu mare, lu jentu… the Salento! Summer holidays make me thinking about the sea, the sea immediately brings...
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Cicory and Fava Beans

magazine dispensadeitipici - copertina x notizia (2)-min (1)
Cicory and Fava Beans.  it is a recipe by Gastronomia Lucana – Traditional recipe from Basilicata. Ingredienti: 500 g of dried faba beans chili pepper, q.b. 1 kg of cicory extra virgin olive oil 1 clove of garlic celery onion salt Preparation: Merge in a plenty of water...
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Tarte-tatin with borrettane onions

tart tatin cipolle borrettane copertina-min
Tarte-tatin with borrettane onions.  it is a recipe from Mangioviaggiando –  My version revisited in a somewhat different way as my habit of the Tarte-tatin. Since I opened this blog I started to follow many others to see, improve, learn new things! Through instagram I met stefyboulangerie and...
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