tart tatin cipolle borrettane copertina-min

Tarte-tatin with borrettane onions.

 it is a recipe from Mangioviaggiandomangioviaggiando.it

 My version revisited in a somewhat different way as my habit of the Tarte-tatin.

Since I opened this blog I started to follow many others to see, improve, learn new things! Through instagram I met stefyboulangerie and from here I met the blog WelcomeBa (c) kery by Stefania Russo and Daria Padovan, so we got in touch and we started to follow us. On their blog I was struck by Tarte tatin with caramelized red onions that I absolutely wanted to try and then make my own version!

On Stefania’s blog you can find the traditional version, but today I will give you my revised version in a slightly different way as my habit!


doses for 24 cm baking tray

for Pasta briseè
200 g of flour Kamut
60 g ghee (or if you prefer 80/100 gr of butter)
salt -just a pinch
One teaspoon of turmeric

for filling
borrettana onions – so many to cover a 24-batch (a couple more because they then retreat)
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons of whole cane sugar
Cold water to knead


tart tatin cipolle borrettane 1-min

Prepare the pasta brisè
Prepare the alternative bristle paste: put the flour in a bowl with turmeric and mix them together then salt and ghee (at room temperature is solid but not hard) now work the flour and butter as if you want to pinch them , Until you get a kind of semolina. At this point, add little water at a time to mix quickly to get a compact ball. Put it in the fridge for half an hour.

tart tatin cipolle borrettane 2-min

In the meantime peel the borrettane onions (I chose these because in addition to having them in the house are the ones I use to do in traditional sweetness, so I knew that as flavor would be indicated) place them in the pan almost covered with water and bake in oven at 180 / 190 ° for 20 min.

Remove excess water from the onions and add balsamic vinegar and sugar thoroughly distributed on the onions, then form for another 10 minutes.

After the pasta cooling time has passed, remove it from the fridge and place it with the roller shutter so that it is slightly larger than the frying pan.

Use it to cover the onions (at the end of 10 minutes), rolling over the excess of dough, bake it with a fork before reinfishing for another 20 minutes.

tart tatin cipolle borrettane 3-min

Once the cooking is finished, put it in a serving pan and serve it !!!

Good appetite with this version of Tarte-tatin with the borrettane onions!

tart tatin cipolle borrettane 4-min

… and thank Stefania for this tasty recipe !!!!

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