ragnatella la ciambella per halloween - the donut for halloween copertina

Ragnatella, the donut for Halloween!

 it is a recipe by Ricette da Coinquilinericettedacoinquiline.wordpress.com

Who is not afraid of spiders? And who is not afraid to be caught in a cobweb like a fly? Starting by now you will not be afraid anymore and you will desire nothing more than a good … Ragnatella, the donut for Halloween!


Ingredients x18 cm baking tray:

150 gr of soft Italian wheat flour type 00 (+ the one for flour) 85 grams of sugar 1 medium egg 50 ml of Italian milk 50 ml of neutral yogurt 25 ml of Italian Evo oil ½ yeast small bag 1 teaspoon of black food dye Butter q.b. to grind the pan

For the chocolate coating:

50 gr of dark chocolate

For the blood effect:

3 – 4 teaspoon of cherry jam (or strawberry jam) 2 spoons of water

Preparation time:

30 minutes

Cooking time:

(gas oven) 25 – 30 minutes (electro-ventilated oven) 30 – 40 minutes

How to do:

Preheat the oven at 180 °.In a large bowl, melt all the liquid ingredients (oil, eggs, milk and yogurt) until they are well melted together. Pour the flour and the sugar little by little, then mix well with the whip to avoid lumps.Grind and flake the baking tray (that for “donuts with the hole”).Add to the compound in the bowl, add the yeast, mix and then divide the dough into two equal parts in two separate bowls: in one, add the spoon of black food dye and then mix until you are well-mixed.Pour one of the two “colors” into the baking tray, then add the arous with a lot of calm then mix with a teaspoon (or you can pour them a little by little at a time, alternating them).Place in the oven (already hot) and cook for the time indicated above. (however, do the “needle test”).Once cooked, turn off the oven, leave for a minute with the door closed, then open and allow some air to enter the oven for a few minutes, then extract the donut and let it cool. It will have to be cool for the wow effect!Draw a baking tray circle pattern on a oven paper.After melting the dark chocolate, either in a bain-marie or in the microwave oven for 1 minute, place it with a wet spoon inside the circle pattern to form a precise circle. Let it rest for a few minutes and then place it in a freezer so it will stay in plan.Meanwhile, in a pan, warm up and melt the jam with a couple of spoonfuls of water, so that it will be well-liquid, but at the same time dense.Finally, you can “make up” the donut.Sprinkle with the jam the top of the donut.Insert plastic spiders inside the donut hole.ragnatella la ciambella per halloween - the donut for halloween copertinaPlace (gently) the chocolate circle on the donut 0s top so as to hide the spiders, the jam will also make the glue effect.You can decorate with so many symbols that recall Halloween before bringing it to the table!ragnatella la ciambella per halloween - the donut for halloween copertinaBy cutting this donut for Halloween, the jam will look like “blood” and surprise will also get off the spiders!ragnatella la ciambella per halloween - the donut for halloween copertinaby Ilaria.*a great thank to my friend Luigia for the name and for the introduction to the recipe!
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