Olio, Vino, TraLLaLLá: rainbow with arts, tastes and crafts at Cantine Cannito on 4th November in Grumo Appula (Bari, Puglia).

Sunday with a little bit of clouds?

Arcobaleno in Dispensa takes care
to bring the sun back.

Creating a bridge made of colorful creativity
among Arts, Agriculture and Crafts,
requires the commitment of “nice" people
do not miss the opportunity to live it.

Arts, Tastes and Crafts at Cantine Cannito
they will excite your appetite.

Here’s what to do during the day:
Olio, Vino, Trallallá until evening,
Rainbow of arts, flavors and crafts
surrounded by the cin-cin of many glasses!

We wait for you on Sunday 4th November from 11.00 AM at Cantine Cannito.

━━━ VENUE ━━━
Cantine Cannito
Grumo Appula (Bari, Puglia)
strada vicinale Macerano, 13.

GPS> 40.960888, 16.703852 (http://bit.ly/DdTiBOB)

━━━ INFO ━━━
Free entry. Start 11:00AM
+ It will be possible to have lunch and snack all day long, thanks to our partner.

+ info> Cantine Cannito – +39 080 623529
+ info> Dispensa dei Tipici – +39 3934628548

━━━ WEB ━━━
Facebook: Olio, Vino, Trallallá
Web Site: Lab.dispensadeitipici.it

it si a project in collaboration with Lab Dispensa dei Tipicilab.dispensadeitipici.it

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