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Ostuni the white town.

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Ostuni goes up and down, then descends and ascends, in a labyrinth of bright streets both day and night.

To create that light is the white, widespread white that gives to Ostuni, in fact, the name of Ostuni the white town.

Located in the province of Brindisi (Puglia, Italy) near the Murge, Ostuni overlooks the Adriatic Sea, in one of the most beautiful and clean parts of the entire coast. Seventeen kilometers of coastline offer great and sunny beaches, suitable for all types of tourism, and the respective tourists needs.

The city is entertaining especially in summer, which is full of tourists who, throughout the maze of narrow streets, alleys with its characteristic whitewashed color, enjoy the summer, and a light that only Ostuni can offer. So much art, numerous churches, various civilizations have alternated, make Ostuni one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, able to really offer everything to tourists: not only the sealife.

Ostuni is one of the most elegant ever city views, landscape, even at night, even with the moon, gives emotions never felt before.

Do not wait for the summer: go for it!

ostuni la città bianca ostuni the white town-min

photo by Comune di Ostuni

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