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Wine and Food pairing – part 2

Article taken from by Mihaela Cojocaru

Many people are trying to do the perfect match and lose side of the simple and joyble mean of wine and food pairing.

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By eating food an drinking wine your mouth will become accoustomized to taste a certain thing.

1- Let’s see a specific example: a dessert. The general rule is that the wine should be sweeter than the dessert so when you taste the wine you won’t be able to taste the sugar in the wine. The sugar is beeing suppressed and draggs down the fruit, the wine seems to lose body and also makes the wine taste thinner and acidic, and if it is a red wine more tannic and astringent and maybe more warmer. In short the wine loses richness and becomes “harder”. So if you have a very sweet pudding you quickly become use to it and expect the rich sweetness. If you then drink the wine and is not so sweet it will make the wine taste incredibly dry and even a dessert wine will taste less sweet when the food is tasted with it. So, for a successful combination make sure you drink a wine that is sweeter than the dessert.

2- The acidity in your food, like the tomato juice or some vinegar in your salad perhaps, make the acidity in the wine appear to go down, softens the tannins and brings up the fruit and sweetness in the wine and a bit the body. In addition the acidity helps to cut through oilly dishes providing a refreshing sword cutting the fat. A great combination is Sauvignon Blanc or Champagne with fish and chips; both high acidic wines the food quite fatty.

3- By having something “salty” you loose the perception of the tannins and acidity in the wine and of the heat from the alcohol. The wine become richer, sweeter and fruitier.
Some people like tannins, but the most of the people want food to mask rather than highlight them. Salty food often helps wine taste less tannic and astringent. If you have a wine that is to tannic for your taste just have some salty peanuts or something on those sides – the salt will do wonders to the tannins .

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