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Nel Gioco del Jazz [ Into Jazz Game ]

 Cultural Musical Association

 “Nel Gioco del Jazz" [ Into Jazz Game ], an association that, with a bit of ambition and arrogance, acts as a reference to “cultural and musical niche" for the city of Bari (Puglia, Italy), both for “mysterious, silent, forgotten “fans of the genre, for both" newbies “, which often receive mixed messages and vague on" sounds and images “instead so close to the man, spontaneous heart in their expressions and roots, since then also engage more reluctant. The masterly artistic direction of Maestro Roberto Ottaviano guide you along a path that we, in the projects and aspirations, will allow many to know and appreciate a particular musical culture, young people to approach the Jazz through a freer way of expressing emotions, feelings and most intimate messages through a universal language understood by all.

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