Through the vine cycle, in addition to the regular life cycle of every plant there is an annual cycle. The annual cycle is made of two sub-cycles: the vegetative sub-cycle and the reproductive sub-cycle.

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The life cycle.

The life cycle of the vine starts with the plant birth and it will been done with its death.

The most yield phase begins after when the plant is three years old and lasts for twenty-twenty five years. After that, there is an aging phase wich ends around when the vine is 40 years old.

It is important to highlight even “old vines” produce good wines but, of course, the quantities are lower than the younger ones.

The annual cycle.

Trought the cycle of the vine, in addition to the regular life cycle every plant has, there is an annual cycle. This annual cycle is made of two sub-cycles: the vegetative sub-cycle and the reproductive sub-cycle.

The vegetative sub-cycle.

This vegetative sub-cycle starts with the “vine tears” [1] (that is the sap production coming out from the pruned cuttings) and it continues with the bud break [2] from March to April. Sprouts [3] grow until August when they undergo lignification: the green color disappears and it comes the wood.

As the temperature drops, the leaves fall and the vine start to rest.

The reproductive sub-cycle.

The reproductive sub-cycle is into the vegetative sub-cycle, we have to consider the single sprout which, brings life to the grapes [3].

Flowering [4] occurs between late May and early June, with the development of little flowers. Each flower development takes not the same time: the entire process could last by one week to fifteen days, it depends on climate conditions.

Each flower complete the fecundation will give a berry, this phase is called “allegagione” or “nouaison” [5].

After that each berries start to grow and to color (veraison) [6] that is the onset of ripening. Here we have the grape bunch.

The grape bunch ripe completely [7] between August and October, it depends on varieties and climate conditions.

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