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The cycle of the vine.

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The life cycle of the vine is what comes from birth to death of the vine.

The most productive phase of the vine begins after 3 years of plant life and continues for 20-25 years. Subsequently, an aging phase begins around 40 years. It should be pointed out that even “old” plants can produce good wines but, of course, the quantities produced are lower.

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Into the cycle of the vine, in addition to the regular life cycle of every plant, there is an annual cycle that, in turn, is divided into two subcicles: the vegetative subcycle and the reproductive subcycle.

The vine begins with the vegetative subcycle (it start with the lymph production that comes out from the pruning cuttings) and continues with the sprouting that happen from March to April until August when the developed sprouts undergo lignification: the green color disappears and it comes to form the wood. As the temperature drops, the leaves fall and the vine start to rest.

The reproductive subcycle occurs, into the vegetative subcycle, and we have to consider the single sprout from which the grapes will be born. Flowering occurs between late May and early June with the appearance and complete development of the flowers. The complete development of each flower is not simultaneous: the process can last from one week to fifteen days, depending on the climate conditions.

The flowers that complete the fecundation will give a berry, this phase is called allegation. Than the berries begin to grow and to color (veraison) that is the onset of ripening. The berries ripes completely to become grape between August and October depending on the varieties and the climate conditions.

il ciclo della vite the cicle of the vine-min





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