EVO Oil •Monocultivar Cima di Melfi •Premium •Mimi •ML500 x 01 View larger

EVO Oil •Monocultivar Cima di Melfi •Premium •Mimi •ML500 x 01


MIMI 'TOP OF PREMIUM Melfi - EVO oil - 100% Cima di Melfi - manufacturer: Mimí Oil - 0.500 Lt Glass - ingredients: - manufacturer: Mimi


info about producer: Mimi

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EVO Oil •Monocultivar Cima di Melfi •Premium •Mimi •ML500 x 01

MIMI 'TOP OF PREMIUM Melfi - EVO oil - 100% Cima di Melfi - manufacturer: Mimí Oil - 0.500 Lt Glass - ingredients: - manufacturer: Mimi


info about producer: Mimi

Olio Mimí, Modugno, Bari, Puglia, Italy.

A family story, a story of Apulia.

Domenico Conserva, known to all as Mimì, was born and raised among the olives trees, the red soil and the fresh air. Mimì worked his whole life in transport, but he had a dream.

He loved olive trees, olives, the smell of freshly pressed oil.

He loved the colour of the oil and the intense favour of fresh oil on bread.

Mimì’s dream grew, but a terrible accident took him away from it before it could be achieved.

However, that dream did not go with him as his children, Donato and Michele, together with his wife, Giudetta, decided to pursue it.

The dream became reality, and so Mimì has become the name of a superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Mimì is the story of a dream and of a united family.

The olives from Apulia. Nature’s beauty in a premium olive oil.

Apulia is our home. We were born and raised here, the red soil and the silver of the olive leaves are a part of us.

A treasure is kept on the land that we have walked since birth.

Age-old olive trees roll down from the hills as far as the sea. Their existence is witness to a long history that has seen people come to Apulia from far and wide, bringing a variety of cultures and traditions to the region.

This expanse of olives has become a symbol of Apulia and represents a complex system where history, nature and man’s knowledge have come together over the millennia.

The varieties of olives cultivated in Apulia are indigenous to the region and each have unique characteristics that adapt to the soil, the climate and the way in which they are cultivated.

The majority of the local cultivars belong to the Ogliarole family. Varieties include the Coratina, Peranzana, Nociara and Cima di Mola.

The Mimì olive oil press. A place where aesthetics and knowledge meet.

Mimì’s olive oil press originates in Contrada Gravinella near Modugno. Opened on 11 October 2015, it combines cutting-edge technology with energy efficiency, taking full advantage of the raw material and its elements. The press uses two machines, one manufactured by Pieralisi and one of the latest generation from Mori-Tem. Our equipment allows us to produce an oil of excellent quality, as it guarantees extreme cleanliness and a rigorous control of the extraction temperatures.

A quality oil for all tastes.

Olio Mimì Oil: 5 lines, 3 values, 3 cultivars and 3 flavours.



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