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Botromagno - Vigneti & Cantine, Gravina in Puglia, Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Botromagno - Vigneti & Cantine, Gravina in Puglia, Bari, Apulia, Italy.

The history of our winery is intimately connected with a unique corner of the earth appropriately known, by those who visit us, as “The Other Puglia

 In describing this Region, most people obviously speak about its coasts, the Adriatic and Ionian seas, the sun, and its wines, powerful yet by the same token, a tad rough-edged.

But our area, our own Puglia, is something quite different, and in some ways unexpected.

The area is marked by distinctive, gently rolling hills called murge – a expressive word meaning “rock”–; a cool, temperate climate; a mineral-rich subsoil; natural karst springs; woods, meadows, and pastureland, all of which make it a small paradise.

Human settlements here stretch back into pre-history, and the inhabitants were cultivating the grapevine over 1,200 years ago. Emperor Frederick II of Swabia established his hunting preserve in the Murge, calling it a “Garden of Delights,” and contributed as well to the further development of the local viticulture.

The wines produced here were famous in the surrounding territories for their quality, and for their freshness and fragrance, characteristics rather uncommon in Italy’s southern regions. The local wines were widely traded even in antiquity, and were much prized by travellers, who left tributes to them in their writings.

Influenced by these factors, the D’Agostino family decided, in 1991, to take concrete advantage of their professional experience in other sectors by turning the venerable Cantina Sociale into a “modern winery with ancient roots.” Brothers Beniamino and Alberto, working together with a management team of viticultural and winemaking experts, put together a new way of making wine in Puglia.

Recovery of the area’s rich heritage of native grapes, carefully married to innovative winemaking technologies, have made Botromagno into a benchmark winery, a wine producer that focuses not only on the quality of its wines, but on its environment as well, and on protecting the health of consumers.

D’Agostino family

Every history has its first steps…

Our own takes its start many years ago, thanks to an encounter between Franco and Lucia, our parents, our foundation, our… native vineyard. Without them, nothing of what we are relating here would exist. Thanks to their sacrifices, to their determination as entrepreneurs, to their farsightedness, we two today, Beniamino and Alberto, have been successful in bringing out the finest qualities in the traditional wines in this magnificent corner of Puglia.
Grazie, Mom, grazie, Dad!

The cellar

This modern winemaking cellar, built in 2004, was the first cellar in Puglia to win ISO 14001 Environment certification.. Its architecture mirrors the local Masseria, or farming complex, built of tuff, that is traditional to the Murgia area.
It was specifically built in a crafts-light industrial area in order to avoid “using up land” and this has in turn facilitated protection of the environment, safe working conditions, business connectivity, and commercial logistics.

2,400 sq.m. production space.
700 sq. m. for receiving grapes.
1,000 sq. m. of offices, laboratories, and tasting and meeting rooms.
where we not only produce wine but host cultural events, shows, and professional training courses; the most up-to-date technology, to ensure sound, natural wines and to protect the health of the consumer.

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