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Salumificio Santoro, Cisternino, Brindisi, Apulia, Italy

Salumificio Santoro, Cisternino, Brindisi, Apulia, Italy.

More like a family than a salami company.

This is the story of an Italian family. Indeed, two.

Because our cured meats factory was born from the perseverance of Giuseppe Santoro and the vision of Piero Caramia, both butchers for over forty years. Today Angela, Micaela, Nico and Silvio, with their words and their passion, are writing pages of a new story, always in balance between tradition and modernity, the love for the territory and the desire to discover the world, the artisan quality of the salumi and the authentic communication strategy.

The origins

Our cured meat artisan factory comes from the experience of Giuseppe Santoro, butcher from Cisternino who founded the company in 2000 and Piero Caramia, butcher from Martina Franca who made possible, with his arrival in 2009, a new course made of great energy and professionalism, after a past spent learning here and there from the village shops and in his butcher's shop.

Valle d'Itria

The company, located in the heart of Puglia, the wonderful Valle d'Itria, is part of the producers who gave life to the Capocollo Association of Martina Franca, which certificates the authenticity of the production of this characteristic and traditional salami.

The production

We do the dry curing, we marinate the salted meat for a few hours in cooked wine, then we pack it in natural casing and we tie by hand, with Piero's guide and his unique knowledge. We smoke the raw meat with almond husk and Fragno branches. Eventually Giuseppe follows personally the ritual of the maturing, with the patience and experience that come from his hands and reach the heart of those who taste our products.


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