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Bontà comune - semina solidarietà raccoglie qualità, Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Bontà comune - semina solidarietà raccoglie qualità, Bari, Apulia, Italy.

Bontà comune - plant solidarity collect quality, a common brand.

Bontà comune is an umbrella brand made up of the social and agricultural realities of Puglia.

The group, founded within the Italian National Forum for Social Agricultural Culture, manages 36 hectares of land and consists of:

- Social Cooperative Sfrang, manages together with other cooperatives a daytime and resident center for people with disabilities and projects for job placement in agriculture, and leads about seven hectares of land.

- Social Cooperative Semi di Vita, manages two hectares of certified organic urban garden in the center of Bari, where didactic activities, job placement of people with disabilities and the Bari Court of Appeals are carried out.

- Social Cooperative Oltre il Muro, a spin-off of Space Esse Scs, community rehabilitation for drug addicts and people in alternative penitentiary regime, manages two hectares of land.

- Società Agricola Terre Solidali agrosocial, spin off of Terre Solidali srl social enterprise, promoters and managers of several regional projects in the field of immigration and conductors of twenty-five hectares of certified organic land.

Stimulated by the common goal of creating employment in the agricultural sector, they have designed and created the product line of Bontà comune brand: a project that aims to demonstrate how innovative it can be through good agricultural practices.

At the end of the two years of experimentation, the HotSocialPepper product line was born. Canned, dry whole and powdered organic chili and cayenne powder (in bio conversion since 2017) and dean (in bio conversion since 2017).


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