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Biscò, Altamura, Bari, Puglia, Italy

Biscò, Altamura, Bari, Puglia, Italy.

The sweet world of Biscò

The Italian product with immersive and original flavor

Biscò is the brand belonging to the company Biscò di Luigi Picerno, operating in the field of sweet and savory baked products, it is present on Italian market for 25 years and overseas for its consistency and quality appreciated by its customers for taste and simplicity!

The reality Biscò merges with the experience gained over the years by Mr. Luigi Picerno whose passion for biscuits arises collecting family recipes contained in the book of good, simple, natural and timeless things where are guarded traditional recipes confided by his grandmother, secrets and observations on the techniques of mixing, cooking and maintenance.

Be guardians of a tradition has given the right impetus to the company Biscò to continue to impress customers reinventing the old recipes combined with innovation and ever more exacting demands coming from the market.

The company is located in the Apulia region important area for the cultivation of durum wheat exactly in the city of Altamura , famous for the production of its bread PDO recognized worldwide for its unique flavor and inimitable taste produced by Biscò day by day in respect of local tradition.

Recognized and appreciated by a wide range of customers , Biscò wanted, over the years, to meet the multiple demands, expanding its range and enclosing a range of baked savory goods.

His experience comes from the tradition and continues with research; that research aimed at selecting only the top quality ingredients , from the prized flours to the best almonds, sugar and eggs , thus ensuring day by day and over the years a first quality product , fragrant and perfumed , but mostly artisanal just made with skill and care.

Thanks to the passion of work and continuous improvements, Biscò has got the right know-how, today leader in its field thanks to its close-knit team of collaborators who always join always love and passion in the daily work by making products with a careful and accurate handcraft, a product made by people and not machines.

The Philosophy of Biscò

BITE LIFE WITH TASTE, is not just a slogan, but also the company philosophy, getting day after day always an authentic and genuine taste to products; carefully selecting only the best ingredients and the right manufacturing processes to consistently obtain products full of flavor and fragrant..

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