Returns due to change of mind

If you are unsatisfied with the product you have purchased, you can return it to us without having to specify the reason and without incurring any penalties, within 14 days from the date you received the product. To return the product within the specified time frame, please contact our Customer Care and inform us of your decision; before returning the product, you will need to wait for the return authorisation code. 

After informing Customer Care of your decision, you will need to send the product you wish to return to an address that will be communicated to you. The return shipment will be at your expense.

Once the product you have returned has been received and its integrity has been established (the returned product must not display signs of wear, abrasions, scratches, marks, deformations, etc., must be complete with all elements and accessories, accompanied by the attached instructions/notes/manuals, with original packaging and warranty certificate, where included), you will be refunded the amount you paid to purchase the product (the value of the returned product) net of shipment costs. If the product is not in perfect conditions, you will not be entitled to return it.

Your right to return products due to a change of mind does not apply to goods made to specification, that have been clearly customised or which by reason of their nature cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

Repairs and replacements due to non-conformity (Warranty)

Within and no later than 24 months from the date the goods were delivered, you may request the repair or replacement of products that do not conform to contractual specifications, provided the product's non-conformity is reported within 2 months from its discovery.

In order to exercise your right to warranty is necessary for you to contact our Customer Care and communicate the order number, the defect and the photographic documentation. Before proceeding with the return of the product we will send you the confirmation of authorization and the process modality. In the event that the defect was found to be minor and its repair or replacement impossible to arrange or excessively costly, you will only be entitled to a price reduction. In any case, the reason stated on the return transport slip must be "returned for repair". Vendors will be charged for the transport and eventual insurance and shipment of the new product.

In the event that the repair or replacement was find to be impossible to arrange or excessively costly, you may request a price reduction or the dissolution of the contract. Vendors will be charged for the shipment of defective goods, for the labour involved in their repair and for materials used.

You will not be entitled to the non-conformity warranty if you were aware of the fault, or if the fault could not have been ignored using ordinary diligence, or if the defect or fault derives from instructions or materials provided by you. 

These conditions will remain valid even in the event an order error or a defective product.

Time frame for sending replacements

The new product or the repaired product will be sent after we have received the original product and we have verified compliance, or we have repaired it.


How much will you be refunded?

The administrative costs for refunds are at the expense of us. You will therefore be refunded for the value of the returned product, net of shipment costs.

How will the refund be paid?

The store operates from the European Union and for this reason all transactions, even those in different currencies, will be converted to Euros following the payment. For payments in currencies other than Euros, we, nonetheless refunds the amount in Euros. Caution: amounts in other currencies are based on the calculation of the exchange rate on the day the refund is processed. Eventual exchange variations are therefore at your expense.

When will the refund be paid?

The refund will be processed as soon as the returned product reaches our warehouse or we receive proof of the returned product, whatever occasion comes first. Caution: if the payment is made by credit card, to appear on your bank statement refunds may take up to several weeks. The refund will be shown with the description "Refund for return no .......... on .......... Authorisation code .........."

Customer Care

For whatever problem or clarification regarding the above, contact our Customer Care.