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Perrini - Oganic Vine & Wines, Castellaneta, Taranto, Apulia, Italy.

Perrini - Oganic Vine & Wines, Castellaneta, Taranto, Apulia, Italy.

PERRINI Organic Vine & Wines is a Vineyard and a winery firm, extend for 50 hectares and specialized in organic production of elegant and certified high quality wines, in complete respect of health and environment. Achievement of a hard working family, knotted at generous and sunny land of Apulia, maintain with ardency the culture of tradition.

Located in Castellaneta , Rudolph Valentino’s native town (the myth of mute cinema), in south of Italy, exactly in Apulia Salento Territory, on Jonio Sea, in the heart of Mediterranean, in Magna Graecia land, few kilometers far from Hera’s Temple in Metaponto and “Gold of Taranto’s archeological Museum.

The firm, is located in a strategic position between sea and hillside, where “terroir” is propitious to agriculture, where vines and olives growth since ancientness. Astride of two regions: Apulia and Basilicata, in the “ Ravines Land ” (Terra delle Gravine), full of precious treasures and pasts heritages like cliff -caved grottos, Aragon’s Castles, Romans Cathedrals and churches, Alberobello’s Trulli, Castellana’a Grottos and “Sassi” stone caved homes in Matera.

Perrini ‘s family, with Mother Tonia, Mila, Vito, Lucia and their kids Stefano Maria and Antonia Raisel, attend the property since long time and for generations, work personally this land , following the productive cycle every day..

In fact, production is meticulously organized in a short and integrated row, completely carried out by the family.

From the Vineyard to the bottle, all productive operations are developed in the winery professionally and warmly since the origin. Everything is well done, the implant of the sprouts in the soil, growing, developing, grape’s selection, handy harvest in little cases, and vinification on hulls with a monitored temperature, soft pressing, natural decanting, ageing in underground caves, bottling and packaging for commercialization.

The historical farm implant, is based since 1809 in “Masseria Carabella”, rounded of vines estates named “ San Vito”, the “ Cava “, “ Santo Stefano Ravine “, “Mater Christy “, secular olive-groves and wild capers plantations.

Production zones are extended in very different areas carefully selected, as hilly fresh soils on karstic “Murgia” or flattish red and warm soils nearby the sea. Those “ Terroir “ are particularly improvable and located in a large territory of quite 7000 hectares, 30 km long, with varying altitudes from 30 to 300 meters on sea level, extended from sea to hills.

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