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Cantina Fiorentino, Galatina, Lecce, Apulia, Italy.

Cantina Fiorentino, Galatina, Lecce, Apulia, Italy.


Cantina Fiorentino is a winery situated in Galatina, in province of Lecce, founded by Mr Pierantonio Fiorentino, an entrepreneur in the sector for renewable energies and energy efficiency. His company EFFICIENCY ENERGY, deals with energetic efficiency englobing the whole scale of services for energy saving and protection of the environment, with the primary goal to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel by using structures and machineries with energetic efficiency.

The love that Fiorentino Family has for Salento region, pushed them to invest in the agriculture sector and to dedicate themselves to viticulture. From there, the next step towards the production of their own wine came naturally: with the cooperation of Mr Elio Minoia, an oenologist dealing with the biologic vineyards and wines for 30 years now, started the journey towards the production which for his point of reference has complete ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY of wine products.

In 2017 Pierantonio Fiorentino bought the vineyards of the historic winery of Galatina, Valle dell’Asso owned by the Luigi Vallone. The transition, however, was born in the sign of continuity: the winemaker, in fact, is the same for both. The company now reaches 100 hectares of vineyards, all in Certified Organic.

I will suffer, I will die, but meanwhile,
sun, wind, wine, tralalà.
Miša Sapego

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