Marinated zucchini into small pieces •in EVO Oil •Agrinitti •GR3... View larger

Marinated zucchini into small pieces •in EVO Oil •Agrinitti •GR3...


zucchini marinated in extra virgin olive oil in glass format 0.300 kg - ingredients: - manufacturer: Agrinitti


info about producer: Agrinitti

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Marinated zucchini into small pieces •in EVO Oil •Agrinitti •GR300 x 01

zucchini marinated in extra virgin olive oil in glass format 0.300 kg - ingredients: - manufacturer: Agrinitti

Le zucchine sono piante appartenenti alla famiglia delle Cucurbitacee. Allo stato fresco contengono vitamine: B2, B1, C, Provitamina A, e PP. Sali minerali: Potassio, Fosforo, Calcio, Sodio, Ferro. In cucina il suo uso è frequente ed il suo gusto delicato essendo composto principalmente da acqua (circa 90%), è utilizzabile dai glicemici da chi soffre di gastrite e da chi ha problemi intestinali. Le zucchine tagliate a tocchetti e marinate vengono messe sott’olio extravergine d'oliva pugliese, con aggiunta di aromi, acquistano delicati profumi e una consistenza gradita al palato.

Utilizzo: da sole come antipasto, per arricchire piatti di pasta oppure insalate, come contorno a secondi piatti di carne.

Prodotto senza glutine.

Disponibilità: tutto l’anno secondo lista disponibilità e/o scorta aziendale.

Ingredienti: Zucchine 63%, olio extravergine d'oliva pugliese, aceto di vino bianco, erbe aromatiche in proporzione variabile (origine Puglia-Italia), sale 2%.

Correttore di acidità: acido citrico (E330).


info about producer: Agrinitti

Agrinitti, Castellana Grotte, Bari, Apulia, Italy.

The agricultural production and food processing company was founded by chemical technician Vito Nitti back in 1984.

In company initially it took place only agricultural production activities in particular the cultivation of mushrooms. In 1992, Mr Nitti warned a strong need to enhance even more manufacturing of farm products in transforming pickles, sauces, creams, condiments, jams etc.

Continuous and repeated even today, courses and research gave the company the possibility to establish collaborative relationships, almost continuous, with higher technical institutes for chemical-technology-focused, hospitality and agriculture, with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bari and with the European Agronomic Institute IAMB of Valenzano. The company cooperates with them by performing for Superior Technical training courses and internships in the food industry and research on new products and processing methods.

The AGRINITTI farm produces and preserves vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, using carefully selected raw materials and check the origin, even from a microbiological point of view, without preservatives or colorings.

Year by year, experimenting with pleasure new products and crops, Agrinitti increased the type and amount of crop farm directly without the use of pesticides and fertilizers in order to offer the best authenticity guarantees and security for consumers. Especially the freshly picked, with their freshness and quality, are processed to preserve the most of their characteristics.

Pickled vegetables, mushrooms, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, sauces, pickles, jams, fruit juices, creams and sauces enrich the range, which includes more than one hundred and twenty kinds of products.

Everything is made with HACCP self-control system in the implementation of the EC Regulation 852/2004 and Legislative Decree 193/2007 and in accordance with EC Reg. 178/02 on the compulsory traceability of food.

I genuini sapori di Puglia Agrinitti



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