Red wine •San Valentino •Villa Schinosa •ML750 x 01


blend dry red wine - IGP Puglia - ingredients: nero di troia + merlot + syrah - manufacturer: Villa Schinosa


info about producer: Villa Schinosa

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Red wine •San Valentino •Villa Schinosa •ML750 x 01

blend dry red wine - IGP Puglia - ingredients: nero di troia + merlot + syrah - manufacturer: Villa Schinosa

San Valentino - Villa Schinosa - IGP Puglia Rosso


Nord di Bari – Contrada Schinosa – Trani a 70mt. s.l.m


50% Uva di Troia
35% Merlot
15% Syrah


Selezione di uva di Troia coltivata al fog. 55 p.lla 17, uva Merlot coltivata al fog. 55 p.lla 11 e uva Syrah coltivata al fog.57 p.lla 39, comune di Trani. Vigne allevate a cordone speronato su terreno ricco, argilloso con una densità di 4500 piante per ettaro.


Frequenti rimontaggi all’aria per l’ossigenazione e fermentazione a temperatura di 22-25°C. La macerazione avviene per un periodo di 10 giorni.


lnvecchiato per 24 mesi in tonneaux di rovere francese da 500lt. di media tostatura. Successivo affinamento in bottiglia per un periodo di 12 mesi.


Alcool    14% Vol.
Zuccheri residui    2,7 g/lt
Acidità totale    5,2 g/l
Anidride solforosa (totale / libera)    120 / 20 mg/l


Vino rosso corposo, caldo, elegante, piacevolmente tannico e ben strutturato


Accompagna perfettamente carne alle spiedo o alla griglia, selvaggina o formaggi media- mente stagionati.


Villa Schinosa

info about producer: Villa Schinosa

Villa Schinosa, Trani, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Apulia, Italy.

The history of Villa Schinosa is based on ancient wine traditions that have been passed down for generations. With tenacity and great determination, the last of the heirs, Corrado Capece Minutolo, is continuing their journey towards achieving new goals by coexisting tradition and innovation with the strength and the foresight to believe in their work.

Villa Schinosa extends over 200 hectares at the entrance of Trani. It is a fascinating structure that the visitor can see at the bottom of an oak boulevard. In addition to the old cellar built in 1884 and partially excavated into Trani Stone, the vineyards and the wine factory were renovated with technologically advanced oenological equipment. Around the company's body with the ancient Masseria, extraordinary during the blooming of the buganville, where the owners live, besides the vineyards, stretch modern intensive olive groves alongside secular olive groves to obtain extra-virgin olive oils of great quality. The company's production is complemented by cherry trees and almonds with organic certification.

Along with the experience of his father Ferdinando, Corrado deals with every aspect of production and commercialization of the Farm, while the commercial relations of the Villa Schinosa Wines abroad are followed by Mother Maria.

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