Red wine •Siniscalco Primitivo •Coppi •ML750 x 01 View larger

Red wine •Siniscalco Primitivo •Coppi •ML750 x 01


monovitigno still red wine - IGP Puglia - ingredients: Primitivo - manufacturer: Coppi


info about producer: Coppi

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Red wine •Siniscalco Primitivo •Coppi •ML750 x 01

monovitigno still red wine - IGP Puglia - ingredients: Primitivo - manufacturer: Coppi

12 e mezzo Malvasia nera del Salento - Varvaglione 1921 Vigne e Vini - IGP Salento Malvasia nera

Vino rosso a Indicazione Geografica Protetta Salento da uve Malvasia Nera

Vino dal colore rosso intenso con riflessi violacei e con profumi che rimandano a sentori fruttati di lampone e melograno. Al palato è fresco ed equilibrato, con un piacevole gusto fruttato. Ottimo in abbinamento con pasta, pizza e formaggi stagionati.

Note di produzione

 Malvasia Nera

Zona di produzione:
 provincia di Taranto (Puglia-Italia).

Altitudine media:
 dai 100 ai 150 mt s.l.m.

Produzione media per ettaro:
 kg 8.000 - kg 9.000

Tecnica di produzione:
 Vinificazione con macerazione a temperatura controllata di 24°-28°C. Dopo la FML, una parte affina in tonneau Francesi per almeno 3 mesi.

Note di degustazione

 Rosso intenso con riflessi violacei.

 Sentori fruttati di lampone e melograno.

 Al palato è fresco ed equilibrato, con un piacevole gusto fruttato.

 Ottimo in abbinamento con pasta, pizza e formaggi stagionati.

 12,5% vol.


info about producer: Coppi

Coppi, Coppi Casa Vinicola, Turi, Bari, Puglia, Italy.

Coppi Casa Vinicola.

In the farmland of Turi, steep in its vineyards, in the province of Bari, rise Coppi wineries.

In this area, 250 meters above sea level, the coast gentle breeze and the warm sun of the South, joined to the microclimate of a safeguarded rural and still untouched landscape, the best wines of Puglia are produced.

We are in the Agro of the Marchesato, whose name comes from the Venusio marquises, who ruled there from 1752 to 1938.

And here, in this astonishing scented land, where the silver of olive trees alternates the pink-white of almond trees, here where the bright green meadows draw the horizon of extremely clearskies, the inspiration of Coppi family begins takes place.

Born by the passion of Antonio Coppi, who took over an old wine company in XIX century, today Cantine Coppi proudly occupy a leadership position in high quality wines production.

By three generations, Coppi is a mark of wine which means quality, passion and prestige.

Coppi Wineries is the best you can find now in the field of Apulianand Italian wine production.

The quality of raw materials and technological research are the trump cards of this mark, which sums up tradition and innovation.

In the Coppi’s company nothing is left to the fate. Wine production is strictly controlled in each phase, from vines growing, to pressing, to fermentation, until the bottling.

For the bottled wine is provided a time of refinement in cellars, at constant and regulated temperature, while the maturation, made inbarriques, gives unique and widely appreciated organolepticfeatures to the final product.

The company is equipped with thermostatic temperature control, where it is possible to control musts fermentation and wine stocking, with the help of electronics and information technology.

The whole production is constantly and assiduously controlled through computerized machines that monitor fermentation and temperature, while a sophisticated analysis system is executed in advanced laboratories, in order to allow and certify that the final product is perfect in his parts, and the best you can have.


Coppi wines history is ancient, a story of a family, now to its third generation. It all begins in far 1882. This is the historical cellar’s birth date, thanks to an Apulian wine expert. In late 60s the oenologist Antonio Coppi used to work in the cellar, with the enthusiasm and the dedication of a young man, who was fond of his work and of that world made of earth and must scents.



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