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Olio Auricarro Lt 3


Oil Auricarro Lt 3 - manufacturer: Auricarro


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info about producer: Auricarro

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Respecting the land to get the best extra virgin olive oil in the world: the olive oil Classico Auricarro was born from a rigorous selection of the olive groves of our associates.

The farmers of the cooperative adhere rigidity to an internal protocol, pledging to respect precise rules.

The predominant feature of the extra virgin olive oil Bio Auricarro is the fruity and pleasantly spicy taste of coratina, harmonized by a slight hint of almond. At nose scents of fresh herbaceous and sweet almond.

The harvest is between October and December. The olives, from the land of Palo del Colle in Bari area, are meticolously selected before being subject to the process of cold extraction.


info about producer: Auricarro

Auricarro, Palo del Colle, Bari, Puglia, Italia.

Apulia is the land of the olive oil production and we are proud of this. The age-old olive trees of our land are the monuments of our culture. They are the most authentic representation of our tradition, story and the work of all those who care about their territory. Such age-old olive trees identify a millenarian passion which turned into a job. Our aim is to live thanks to this emotion: we do not want to yearn for a profit damanging our plants; we already feel rich to live in close touch with nature. The olive oil we produce is the synthesis of all this: we respect nature as well as ourselves.

Almost four hundred producers united by one millenarian ambition: to respect the Earth in order to get the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. In this area of Apulia, near the Alta Murgia National Park, the cultivation of olive trees has always been the main activity. The deep- rooted love these men for their land ensures the quality of the Auricarro extra virgin olive oil. This love is even told in a short passage from an old literary masterpiece titled “The Natural History”, written by the Pliny the Elder (a Roman author AD 29), which tells about the city of Palo del Colle and its strong agricultural vocation.



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