Bread of Altamura PDO Kg 0,500 - Crossed bread - Biscò, bite life with taste - DOP Pane di Altamura


Durum wheat re-milled, water, sea salt, culture yeast.


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Producer: Biscò

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Bread of Altamura PDO Kg 0,500 - Crossed bread - Biscò, bite life with taste - DOP Pane di Altamura

Bread with Protected Designation of Origin Bread of Altamura or Pane di Altamura


The bread of Altamura is the food symbol of the peasant culture of Alta Murgia (Apulia, Italy).
It's a long history: the first written record of this product dates back to the first century B.C.: is the Latin poet Horatio to mention it in its Satire, where he calls "the best bread in the world" so tat travelers carried with them a good supply before start theri journey.
The same used to do the shpherds and farmers before leaving for pastures and field. Anciently this type of bread was kneded by women in their home, marked with the initials of the householder, and led for baking into public ovens.


The quality of PDO Altamura Bread is guaranted by the Consortium for the Protection, invested by the control, promotion and enhancement funtions of the PDO Altamura Bread, as well as guarding against any form of counterfelting. By monitoring all stages of production, from the origin of the raw materials. The Consortium PDO Altamura Bread ensures to the consumer the traceability of the product. It includes in farmers, millers and bakers.


The culture yeast is the main ingredient of PDO Altamura bread. It is a sourdough starter that confers to the product distinctive sensory properties and a long shelf-life. Other ingredients are water, certified by Acquedotto pugliese, sea salt and durum wheat
re-milled semolina derived from durum wheat cultivars “appulo”, “arcangelo”, “duilio”, “simeto”, which are cultivated within the territory of the following municipal areas: Altamura, Gravina in Puglia, Poggiorsini, Spinazzola, Minervino Murge.


Once all the ingredients have been mixed together, the dough is left to rise. After being cut into smaller pieces, it is shaped by hand and left to rest. This operation is repeated two times. Before being baked, in wood burning or gas fired ovens, each loaf is turned over and flattened with a light pressure of the hand on one side. During the last phase of baking, the oven door is left open in order to allow the vapors to release and allow the formation of a crispy and golden crust


PDO Altamura bread comes in two traditional shapes, weighing from 0.5 kg: the first, called “u sckuanète”, referes to a sort of turned-over bread. The second, known as “a cappidde de prèvete” (meaning priest’s hat shaped”) is flatter than the first.


In 2003, it was the first bread awarded Protected Designation of Origin by the European Union, under the category “bread and bakery products”. The Protected Designation of Origin, whose acronym is P.D.O., is a mark covering agricultural products and foodstuffs, which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area, using recognized know-how and thus acquiring unique properties.


The stamp ensures that the key characteristics of the PDO product are maintained. It is placed on the bread prior to baking or labeled on the bread packaging.

durum wheat re-milled, water, sea salt, culture yeast

as it is, sliced, to accompaign meat, cheeses, vegetables, sausages.
Be creative to prepare croutons or other dishes bread-based.

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Bread of Altamura PDO Kg 0,500 - Crossed bread - Biscò, bite life with taste - DOP Pane di Altamura

Bread of Altamura PDO Kg 0,500 - Crossed bread - Biscò, bite life with taste - DOP Pane di Altamura

Durum wheat re-milled, water, sea salt, culture yeast.


Producer: Biscò

The sweet world of Biscò

The Italian product with immersive and original flavor

Biscò is the brand belonging to the company Biscò di Luigi Picerno, operating in the field of sweet and savory baked products, it is present on Italian market for 25 years and overseas for its consistency and quality appreciated by its customers for taste and simplicity!

The reality Biscò merges with the experience gained over the years by Mr. Luigi Picerno whose passion for biscuits arises collecting family recipes contained in the book of good, simple, natural and timeless things where are guarded traditional recipes confided by his grandmother, secrets and observations on the techniques of mixing, cooking and maintenance.

Be guardians of a tradition has given the right impetus to the company Biscò to continue to impress customers reinventing the old recipes combined with innovation and ever more exacting demands coming from the market.

The company is located in the Apulia region important area for the cultivation of durum wheat exactly in the city of Altamura , famous for the production of its bread PDO recognized worldwide for its unique flavor and inimitable taste produced by Biscò day by day in respect of local tradition.

Recognized and appreciated by a wide range of customers , Biscò wanted, over the years, to meet the multiple demands, expanding its range and enclosing a range of baked savory goods.

His experience comes from the tradition and continues with research; that research aimed at selecting only the top quality ingredients , from the prized flours to the best almonds, sugar and eggs , thus ensuring day by day and over the years a first quality product , fragrant and perfumed , but mostly artisanal just made with skill and care.

Thanks to the passion of work and continuous improvements, Biscò has got the right know-how, today leader in its field thanks to its close-knit team of collaborators who always join always love and passion in the daily work by making products with a careful and accurate handcraft, a product made by people and not machines.

The Philosophy of Biscò

BITE LIFE WITH TASTE, is not just a slogan, but also the company philosophy, getting day after day always an authentic and genuine taste to products; carefully selecting only the best ingredients and the right manufacturing processes to consistently obtain products full of flavor and fragrant..

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