Shipping and Delivery Management

gestione della spedizione

Everyone of us likes to make cheap purchases online and at the same time wants to receive the products in perfect condition.

price of shipment managemet

The shipment and delivery management costs, unless otherwise stated, are added to the total cost of the order; They are specified during check-out before you conclude the purchase process; are automatically calculated according to weight, volume of units and that geographical segment; They include all packaging materials useful in preserving the safety and the quality of your products.

We studied different methods of delivery right for you.

You can choose the mode that you prefer in the process of completing the order.


The withdrawal by hand at our headquarters is totally free.


tariff plan for a standard delivery, not on pallets or on small and light pallet, conducted in Italy, including the islands. The rate includes all taxes, insurance, and any other kind of unpredictable cost.



tariff plan for a standard shipping, palletized on a small and light pallet or not palletized, direct to a nation belonging to the European Community. The rate includes all taxes, insurance, and any other kind of unpredictable cost.

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delivery methods

modalità di consegna

We give you the possibility to choose between different modes for delivery of the products you purchased:

- you can pick up handmade products at our headquarters

- we can manage everything, and you receive the products directly to your home

You can be sure the care with which we will prepare the protective packaging will be the same whatever your choice!


Once we will have booked the shipment, you will receive by e-mail (to the e-mail address you provided at registration / order) the tracking number and the useful links to track delivery of your package.

insurance and delivery without appointment

All shipments handled by us travel insured, we collaborate with several courier, and all deliver to street level and without an appointment.

integrity and genuineness

integrità e genuinità

Typical of the pantry distributes food and wine and craft products.

They require care and attention to preserve integrity, organoleptic characteristics and genuineness.

from producer to consumer

dal produttore al consumatore

When you order one or more products in the online store, the goods are immediately required for each manufacturer that will deliver at our warehouse in the shortest possible time.

The products remain in our warehouse for a short time, just enough to prepare the packaging in order to delivery method chosen.

This mode of operation allows the product to undergo little change of places of storage, then the product arrives at its destination with the same characteristics that the manufacturer has thought of for the consumer.

- This explains why we can not deliver the order the next day, and we decided to send the first Monday or Tuesday next available order.

For things done well, patience is needed.



In addition to the packaging of the original single product, we use cardboard, polystyrene, packing tape, bubble wrap and protective film to ensure the packaging safety in all conditions.

To make it more comfortable to carry any package or parcel weighs not more than 30Kg, in some cases we use small pallets.

Our shipments are insured, but to make it even safer transport, packaging is left anonymous, with no advertising or identifying marks.

damage during shipment

danni durante il trasporto

It can happen. It's rare, but it can happen.

Our shipments are insured and please always verify the integrity of the packaging. In case of broken packaging or signs of tampering it is fundamental to accept the product UNDER RESERVE notifying the carrier.

When it happens, there are no excuses, take responsibility, and we will fulfill an order a replacement.