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Lardato Thread •sliced •Salumi Martina Franca •GR110 x 01


Lardato fillet Martina Franca portioned pieces 1.100 kg vacuum - ingredients: - manufacturer: Salumi Martina Franca


info about producer: Salumi Martina Franca

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Lardato Thread •sliced •Salumi Martina Franca •GR110 x 01

Lardato fillet Martina Franca portioned pieces 1.100 kg vacuum - ingredients: - manufacturer: Salumi Martina Franca

Salumi Martina Franca

info about producer: Salumi Martina Franca

Salumi Martina Franca, Martina Franca, Taranto, Apulia, Italy.

Born in June 2010, it has its own lab on the hill of Martina Franca in the heart of the Murgia dei Trulli and the enchanting Valle d'Itria, surrounded by oak forests (fragno) and Mediterranean scrub with a cool and ventilated atmosphere throughout the months of the year. Only high-quality raw materials are used for the production of their products. The work is based on traditional techniques of norcina Martina Franca art and ensures transparency, quality and consumer protection.


Slow ageing management, complemented by fresh woody air, complete the production cycle, guaranteeing the product a particular harmony of flavors and scents, which are the elements that distinguish it. Our natural smell gives a gentle note that does not bother the sweetness of the product but, as in the best connubles, these two characteristics exalt each other to achieve harmony. The Salumi Martina Franca srl aims to continuously and consistently seek quality by combining "tradition" and "innovation".

Capocollo of Martina Franca and not only

From ancient time, in Puglia, the best sausages came from Martina Franca and were well known and appreciated already in the kingdom of Naples. The particular climatic conditions, the richness of forests and the great tradition of breeding, have made our territory a true production island of excellent cured meats in southern Italy. Among the most famous specialties there is Capocollo by Martina Franca.

Martina Franca

Martina Franca, a town of hilly hills, 450 meters above sea level, enjoys a cool and windy climate throughout the year, due to the influence of the nearby coasts of the Ionian and Adriatic. Art city, with its own unique identity, Martina Franca is characterized by its historic center, rich in rococo art elements and original architectural solutions. Turning around the whitewashed alleyways, between fine church facades and local stone carved buildings, it is, for the visitor, a true adventure of the spirit. Originally for the triangular shape, it is Piazza Roma, dominated by the majestic Ducal Palace, with the 18th century frescoes frescoed by Domenico Carella. Elegant is Piazza Plebiscito, with the beautiful facade of the Basilica of S. Martino, the Civic Tower, and the portico of Piazza Immacolata. But it is the whole ancient center that gives us the thrills and surprises in a crescent of Mozart. Artistic Cesare Brandi was "impressed by the harmonious distribution of the city, like an eighteenth-century theater, where music was heard by enjoying sorbets." It is witnessed by the prestigious Itria Valley Festival which, in 38 years of refined proposals, consecrated Martina Franca as the "international capital of the beautiful song".




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