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Terre di San Vito, Polignano a Mare, Bari, Puglia, Italy.

Terre di San Vito was born from a life project, which aims to rediscover the link with the land, becoming masters of the slowness of work and craftsmanship, all values that technology and the hectic lives we lead have been completely eradicated from our culture . The city runs, scrambles, the largest production becomes more and more a slave quantity; Terre di San Vito, instead, set in the Apulian countryside, a few km from the sea, breathe among vineyards and olive olive trees, and smiling at the passing of time, produces fruit with a unique flavor.

Terre di San Vito is a group of people who share enthusiasm with the same love for their land. Only with love and respect we have the opportunity to obtain the best fruits.

"A few but very good", fully represents the philosophy of the Terre di San Vito whose objective is to offer products of "once", flavor and unique taste.


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Showing 4 - 6 of 7 items