sparkling rosé wine •Galetto •Colli della Murgia •ML750 x 01 View larger

sparkling rosé wine •Galetto •Colli della Murgia •ML750 x 01


monovitigno brut rose' wine - IGP Puglia - ingredients: aglianico - Organic - manufacturer: Colli della Murgia


info about producer: Colli della Murgia

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sparkling rosé wine •Galetto •Colli della Murgia •ML750 x 01

monovitigno brut rose' wine - IGP Puglia - ingredients: aglianico - Organic - manufacturer: Colli della Murgia

VITIGNI: Aglianico
ALTIMETRIA E ALLEVAMENTO: 450 mt. s.l.m.; Guyot; 4500 piante per ettaro.
FERTILIZZAZIONE: Inerbimento e sovescio di diverse piante. Trattamenti antiparassitari
con rame e zolfo.
VINIFICAZIONE E AFFINAMENTO: Le uve vengono raccolte a mano e pressate direttamente,
evitando la pigiatura. Segue la decantazione statica a freddo e la fermentazione a 16° C. per
circa due settimane. Metodo charmat in autoclave con temperature controllate che
permettono una lenta e costante fermentazione.

NOTE PER LA DEGUSTAZIONE: Vino spumante rosè, caratterizzato da perlage fine e persistente. Ha sentori floreali e fruttati che ricordano la frutta rossa matura e i frutti di bosco, con un eccellente equilibrio acidulo. Ideale come aperitivo o come vino da dessert.

Colli della Murgia

info about producer: Colli della Murgia

Colli della Murgia, Gravina in Puglia, Bari, Puglia, Italy.

What would be a wine without a philosophy, without values , without culture and without a territory? It’s just a drink.

Colli della Murgia idea is that the wine is much more: it is what best represents the company, is the connection between its land and its culture , is the element that binds they to the magnificence of nature.

The story of Colli della Murgia is not a story that is lost in time : it all starts in the early 90s. Since then, sacrifice , work, love of the land have merged to create a success story .

The winery is located within a kind of nature reserve, the Great Forest of Defense, in the territory of Gravina in Puglia, not far from the border with Basilicata, is located at a tableland of about 450 meters above the sea level.

The soil calcium and temperature range accompanies Colli della Murgia's wines until they are served in every glass of consumers around the world.

A great wine needs a worthy dwelling place : the current structure is entirely made of tufo and mazzaro , local stones that make the environment constantly fresh and free of humidity.




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