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still dry rose' wine - IGP Basilicata - 100% aglianico - manufacturer: Cantine del Notaio


info about producer: Cantine del Notaio

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Vino rosato •La Scrittura •Cantine del Notaio •ML750 x 01

01 bottiglia - brand: Cantine del Notaio - in parole chiave: aglianico 100%, IGP Basilicata, vino, rosato, monovitigno, fermo, secco

Pezza Galitta - Villa Schinosa - IGP Puglia Rosato - Bombino nero + Aglianico

Vino rosato dal colore rosa pallido, al profumo ricorda il mirtillo con spiccate note fruttate di fermentazione, il gusto è giustamente acidulo ma impostato sulla freschezza e la morbidezza al palato.  Si abbina ad antipasti, formaggi leggeri e freschi, crostacei e carni bianche.


Nord di Bari (Puglia,Italia) – Contrada Schinosa – Trani a 70mt. s.l.m


70% Bombino Nero
30% Aglianico


Spalliera allevata a guyot su terreni tufaceo-calcarei con una densità di 4500 piante per ettaro.


La vendemmia avviene nella prima metà di settembre. La macerazione delle bucce di questa varietà dai colori molto tenui, avviene per circa 12 ore sotto freddo spinto. Dopo soffice pressatura delle vinacce, si ottiene un mosto fiore limpido e dal colore rosa corallo. La fermentazione alcolica avviene a carico di fermenti selezionati ed a temperatura costante che non supera i 15° C.


In acciaio inox. Successivo affinamento in bottiglia per un periodo di 1-2 mesi.


Alcool    12% Vol.
Zuccheri residui    in tracce
Acidità totale    5,6 g/l
Anidride solforosa (totale / libera)    95 / 40 mg/l


Colore rosa pallido, al profumo ricorda il mirtillo con spiccate note fruttate di fermentazione, il gusto è giustamente acidulo ma impostato sulla freschezza e la morbidezza al palato.


Antipasti, formaggi leggeri e freschi, crostacei e carni bianche. Si serve fresco ad una temperatura di circa 10°-12°C.


Cantine del Notaio

info about producer: Cantine del Notaio

Cantine del Notaio, Rionero in Vulture, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy.


I think I was about seven years old and I remember it as if it were yesterday.

I went to have a look at my grandfather’s vineyard and I found him bent over a vine.

He was a stern man and I was always awed by him, but there among his vines he had a serene and unusually sweet expression.

He turned, saw me and was suddenly serious again.

“Hey, repeat your name!” he said.

I was really frightened. Grandfather’s going mad, I thought. He can’t remember my name!

I started to run away, but he took me by the arm and asked again:

“Quickly, tell me, what’s your name?”

“Gerardo”, I answered, in a small voice.

“Your name’s Gerardo”, he said, “the same as mine. That’s why my vineyards will be yours one day”.

When I remember him now, it makes me smile when I think how proud I am, after more than thirty years and many adventures too, to claim my roots in my grandfather’s legacy and make it the focus of my life. I know now that the real legacy I inherited goes beyond vineyards: it is a legacy of values, a love for things “done properly”; a desire to accomplish rather than to possess.

And so I would like to dedicate everything I have done and will do to my family. To my grandfather, who quietly pointed out what proved to be the right path for me to follow. To my parents and especially my father, a notary public, who taught me the determination to achieve goals and the respect for tradition. To my mother-in-law with her extraordinary generosity and strength. And to my father-in-law, a remarkable man who would undoubtedly have continued to encourage me with his inimitable enthusiasm and love for life.

And my wife? I can only say that without her, this adventure would never have even begun!

Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti


The passion for winemaking is not new to the Giuratrabocchetti's family and has been handed down for generations.

In 1998 the Cantine del Notaio wine estate was born from this same tradition, when both Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, with his degree in Agricultural Science, and his wife Marcella, took up the Aglianico del Vulture challenge.

They decided to combine tradition, innovation, history and terroir in the vines growing in their vineyards.

Together with Luigi Moio, Full Professor of Enology at the University of Naples, they start a valuable collaboration and an extensive research on the winemaking potential of this grape, the most important in Southern Italy. A proud but difficult vine, capable of yielding wines with extraordinary personality.



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