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Biscotto di Ceglie Messapica Presidio Slow Food


Biscuit of Ceglie Slow Food Presidium - manufacturer: Apulia Taste


info about producer: Apulia Taste

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Cookies Ceglie Messapica Biscuit Kg 0,200 - Biscotto di Ceglie Messapica Presidio Slow Food

Biscuits from Ceglie Messapica, Presidio Slow Food, are made one by one by hands.

The cookies are made of toasted almond paste, shaped like an irregular cube, stuffed with cherry jam or grapes jam and flavored with mild citrus fragrances.

Sepp d'amic, Spappacarnale, SCiacallo, Zia PAsqua, Gianfreda, Mingunn are the names of some of the almond varieties still cultivated on the territory of Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi, Apulia, Italy): probably there are more 40 tipology but with few plants. Californian almonds, as happened also in Sicily and in the Middle East, have conquered the market: cultivated with powerful anti-pesticide and anti-molded industrial methods, soft and easy to work, reaches the world markets at unsustainable prices for indigenous varieties. However Brindisi area (Brindisi, Apulia, Italy) was a land of almond cultivation, very important, just read the notes written by Vincenzo Corrado in 1792 about the productions of the Kingdom of Naples to find out how two centuries ago these lands were important for the almonds production. It is not a coincidence that Ceglie Messapica, a small gastronomic capital of the area, preserve a biscuit made from almond paste, "pisquett'l" which for the cegliesi is a sort of city symbol, this tradition was born several hundred years ago. It is an ir irregularly cubic shape prepared from almonds partly whipped into the water partly roasted, the mixture it's finely grounded, not so much to preserve the grain of the fruit. Melted with sugar, honey, lemon rind, wetted with lemon rind, then rinded with eggs (about 4 eggs for a pound of almond paste). When the dough is hard, strips of 12 to 14 cm for 35-40 in length are cutted, then are seasoned by a side with cherry jam or grape jam, then closed. Then the dough is cutted into several squares: the piscquett'l then will be cooked in the oven for twenty minutes and possibly covered with a sugar solution (in Apulia is called "gilepp") sometimes added with cocoa. The biscuits in their infinite variants are a fundamental part of the culinary baggage of Ceglie Messapica's women: in the houses of Ceglie Messapica they never miss, especially in festive occasions and were inevitably present in the wedding favors.

The Biscuit of Ceglie Messapica is produced all year round.

Almonds, Sugar, Eggs, Honey, Cherries or Grapes Jam, Lemon, Rosolio, Limoncello.

sweet afternoon snacks to accompany coffee, tea and infusions. As sweet that closes a lunch or dinner.

Apulia Taste

info about producer: Apulia Taste


The cookie Biscotto di Ceglie Messapica (Pesquett) after a long and articulated course has finally received recognition for "Presidio" by Slow Food; The project was realized thanks to the contribution made by different manufacturers and laboratories and founding members of the Consortium for the valorization and protection of the cookie Biscotto di Ceglie Messapica.


The cookie Biscotto di Ceglie Messapica, Slow Food "presidio", are produced strictly by hand one by one.

The sweet cookie is made by a toasted almonds dough, the shape seems to be an irregular cube, is filled with cherry or grape jam, flavored by a slight fragrance of citrus.

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