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Scamorza Cow •S: 2-3 •Nuovo Muretto •GR500 x 01


Scamorza semistagionata of Cow Milk 0.5 Kg - Organic - ingredients: - manufacturer: Nuovo Muretto


info about producer: Nuovo Muretto

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Scamorza Cow •S: 2-3 •Nuovo Muretto •GR500 x 01

Scamorza semistagionata of Cow Milk 0.5 Kg - Organic - ingredients: - manufacturer: Nuovo Muretto

La scamorza viene lavorata a mano, ottenuta da filatura di cagliata di latte di Mucca crudo a coagulazione naturale.

La forma è a pera.

Data la semi stagionatura si presenta di colore giallo.

INGREDIENTI: latte di Mucca crudo, caglio liquido, sale alimentare, siero innesto.

Nuovo Muretto

info about producer: Nuovo Muretto

Nuovo Muretto Azienda Agricola Biologica, Putignano, Bari, Apulia, Italy.

The Nuovo Muretto organic farm is born from a precise choice of owners' lives: Living in touch with nature.

In fact, the farm is family run, located south of the barese murgia, in the agrarian Putignano (Bari, Apulia, Italy), bordering the hills of Gioia del Colle, and covers an area of ​​about 80 hectares.

The land is destined for annual rotation of fodder and grain. Initially conducted with the most commonly used methods and techniques, it has undergone organic production conversion not only in cultivation but also in breeding.

The company, besides the cultivation of cereals, is part of the hectare of cherry trees, almond trees, olive groves and vegetables. Since years the company operates in full respect of organic farming.

The farm with the closed-loop formula of the breeding and with the organic method on the whole supply chain, follows all the steps from feeding to the pasture of cows (of brune-alpine, dutch, red bumps) about 30 heads between Small and large, all born in the company, up to the processing of milk that is transformed daily into the adjacent dairy farm (certified and guaranteed by Biogricert).

The company also offers the possibility to purchase products, mainly dairy products such as cheese, fresh and seasoned, mozzarella and more, at its shop every day and also available for a full visit.

The company aims at a complete animal welfare as well as to produce a quality product and above all healthy, so our animals follow the natural cycles of the seasons.

In addition, the animals present are all born in the company, no head as no food is purchased from the outside, so the company is self-sufficient in all this with respect to the formula of the closed loop.




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