MASSERIA COLOMBO FORMAGGIO Caciocavallo podolico +8 - Kg 2 intero SV View larger

MASSERIA COLOMBO FORMAGGIO Caciocavallo podolico +8 - Kg 2 intero SV


Caciocavallo cheese of cow's milk podolica aging over 8 months - Masseria Colombo - 1 kg vacuum - manufacturer: Masseria Colombo


info about producer: Masseria Colombo

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Caciocavallo podolico di latte di mucca podolica stagionatura oltre 8 mesi - Masseria Colombo - Kg 1 in sottovuoto

Masseria Colombo

info about producer: Masseria Colombo

Masseria Colombo, Mottola, Taranto, Puglia, Italy.

Masseria Colombo is a livestock farm. The main activity is the breeding of Podolica breeds, which has 700 specimens.


Own production of milk and cheese typical of Puglia
Masseria Colombo is a farm / livestock farm of about 500 hectares.
The main activity is the breeding of Podolica bovines.
Masseria Colombo, in fact, has over 200 podolica cows in selection that graze on farm land. Also in breeding high genealogy bulls are used.
The breeding type is that of the cow-calf line.

In fact, after weaning the calves at around 8 months of age, they are fattened in a modern stable and then about 18 months started to slaughter. The meat of our vitellons is of exceptional quality: it is difficult to forget the taste and tenderness after enjoying them!

At Masseria Colombo there is also the mechanical milking of the mares in a modern and functional milking room; The quantities of milk produced by the podolica are extremely low, but the characteristics of podolica milk are unique: the podol milk perfume, in fact, is absolutely exclusive because it is conditioned by the various types of grazing that alternate during the year.
This means that the products obtained from the transformation of our podolica milk have a variability of taste related to the seasonal trends. For the transformation of the milk into the farm, a modern dairy has been produced, meeting all the hygienic-sanitary requirements required, which produce podolica caciocavallo, mozzarella, braids, ricotta.
In conclusion Masseria Colombo breeds podolica cows while preserving the breeding traditions but observing the animal health and welfare rules that progress rightly demands.

Farm Holiday

In our residence you will find accommodation in one of our newly restored “trulli” ( typical local cone-shaped country houses ) , fully equipped with cooking facilities, and B&B.; We are able to provide accommodation up to 16 people, divided into six small apartments with double bedrooms and the possibility of an extra bed. The price is 50 Euros per person, for single guest in double bedroom: 55 Euros a day, kids: from 5 years to 12 years old: 30 Euros a day
Until 5 years old: ZERO Euros.Our farm, 2 Km. from the national road, stands 400 mt. above the sea-level, over a hill in between the Adriatic and Ionian coast.
Deeply plunged into a great natural landscape, wandering about oak woods and scrubs, corn and hay fields with their traditional stone enclosure walls, the only noise you may hear is the cows’ bells. This is the ideal place to totally forget the city’s hubbub and absolutely the best surroundings for an alternative holiday in Puglia, with an insight in its ancient traditions.

Game hunting farm

Our farm stretches over 650 ha. on a hill, home to woodcocks, quails, and thrushes migrating southward, or resident. Game-hunting, in its most traditional ways, is also practiced.
We can provide daily hunting passes on request.




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