PASTINI WINE LE ROTAIE - Lt 0.750 in glass View larger

PASTINI WINE LE ROTAIE - Lt 0.750 in glass


still dry rose' wine - IGP Valle d'Itria - 100% susumaniello - manufacturer: I Pastini


info about producer: I Pastini

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Le Rotaie - I Pàstini, viticultori in Valle d'Itria - Rosé wine IGP Valle d'Itria Rosato - Susumaniello

Rosè wine with Protected Geographical Indication Valle d'Itria Rosato by Susumaniello grapes

Rosè wine with a delicate pink color; elegant perfume, intense floral with notes of rose, fruity with hints of strawberry; soft taste, fresh and persistent. Perfect combinations with seafood appetizers and meats, shellfish and white meat.

The rosé wine produced in the lands of Apulia boasts an ancient tradition because it was already produced since the first harvest of so-called "Greek grapes", which contributed greatly to the spread of this classic drink Mediterranean. The rose wine was considered a product for refined tastes, very delicate, to offer especially the important guest . The Rotaie (tracks) are named after the location of the vines that are crossed from north to south by the local railway. The rosé wine "the Rotaie" is presented in both color and the scent of a delicate pink, giving intense aromas with floral notes of rose and strawberry. Soft, fresh and persistent on the palate, this it is a wine that can be served and enjoyed during all meals, from appetizers to main that are basic meat or fish, pizza.

Agronomic data
vine variety used:
 100% Susumaniello

location area:
 Puglia (Italy) - Valle d'Itria

 400 meters a. s. l.

type of soil:
 carlcareo clay

farming system:
 cordon espalier


grape yield quintals:

time of harvest:
 1st week of October

Data winery

 collection and selection manual in the box

 stemming and soft pressing of the grapes, static clarification of the must, fermentation at low temperature

 steel five months - bottle 1 months

yield of grapes into wine (%):

dry extract (gr./lt):

total acidity (gr./lt):


residual sugar (gr./lt):

alcohol content:
 12,5% vol

Organoleptic characteristics

 delicate pink

 elegant, intense floral with notes of rose, fruity with hints of strawberry

 soft, fresh and persistent

Nutritional data

1 g of alcohol = 7 kcal
1 lt of dry wine in 10° C = 600 kcal
1 g of sugar = 4 kcal

Other data

 Seafood appetizers and meats, shellfish and white meat

service temperature:

 in a cool place, away from light and heat sources

I Pastini

info about producer: I Pastini

I Pàstini - viticultori in Valle d'Itria, Martina Franca / Locorotondo, Taranto / Bari, Apulia, Italy

Pastinum in Latin was properly "hoe" and, as a derivative, "the site of the vine." So hoe modeled the "cacalupo", the small earth dam needed to collect water from God, in this thirsty Apulia, then as now. Putting the "Pastino", in this valley of gentle, is an ancient and difficult plant in stone "vines" a sapling of Verdeca, Bianco d'Alessano and Minutolo brother sun and wait them mature slowly, is the result of ancient experience.

The winery I Pàstini, located in the heart of the earth Itria Valley, the land of the trulli, strives to maintain the wisdom traditions with the modern wine-making techniques, thus getting the best enology Puglia is capable of producing.

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