PASTINI WINE ARPAGO - Lt 0.750 in glass


still dry red wine - IGP Tarantino - 100% primitivo - manufacturer: I Pastini


info about producer: I Pastini

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Arpago - I Pàstini - IGP Tarantino Primitivo

The earliness of ripening of the grapes from which the wine is obtained gives the name "Primitivo". Of Croatian origin, was imported and cultivated in the areas of Gioia del Colle then be produced throughout the Apulia. The Arpago is a primitive wine grown in the territory of Taranto and shows a ruby red color with violet hues that tend to become colored garnet with aging, it has an intense flavor and fragrant with hints of berries reaching a harmonious taste and charm. This Primitive wine I.G.P. goes well with cured meats, pasta with strong meat sauce, pork and lamb, baked or stewed, red meats and fowl with tasty sauces, cheeses ripened sheep and served at a temperature of 18-20° C .

 Tarantino IGP Primitivo Red wine

Agronomic data

vines used:
 Primitivo (100%)

location area:
 vineyards in Puglia - area of Manduria and Sava (Taranto)

 50 meters a.s.l.

type of soil:
 clay of medium density

farming system:
 Apulian sapling


grape yield quintals:

time of harvest:
 2nd week of September

Data winery

 manual picking and selection in the box

 fermentation and long maceration.

 10 months steel bottle 2 months

yield of grapes into wine (%):

dry extract (gr./lt):

total acidity (gr./lt):


residual sugar (gr./lt):

alcohol content:
 14,0% vol

Organoleptic characteristics

 wine with intense ruby ​​red color with purple tints that tend to garnet with aging

 intense bouquet, full and fragrant with hints of berries

 harmonious, full-bodied, round, with a slightly sweet notes

Nutritional data 
1 g of alcohol = 7 kcal
1 lt of dry wine in 10° C = 600 kcal
1 g of sugar = 4 kcal

Other data

 red classic ideal to accompany red meats, roasts, game. Excellent with cheese and salami

service temperature:

 in a cool place, away from light and heat sources

sizes available:
 bottle lt 0,750

Red wine with intense ruby ​​red color with purple tints that tend to garnet with aging; intense bouquet at the nose, full and fragrant with hints of berries; harmonious taste, full-bodied, round, with a slightly sweet notes.  Red classic wine ideal to accompany red meats, roasts, game. Excellent with cheese and salami.

I Pastini

info about producer: I Pastini

I Pàstini - viticultori in Valle d'Itria, Martina Franca / Locorotondo, Taranto / Bari, Apulia, Italy

Pastinum in Latin was properly "hoe" and, as a derivative, "the site of the vine." So hoe modeled the "cacalupo", the small earth dam needed to collect water from God, in this thirsty Apulia, then as now. Putting the "Pastino", in this valley of gentle, is an ancient and difficult plant in stone "vines" a sapling of Verdeca, Bianco d'Alessano and Minutolo brother sun and wait them mature slowly, is the result of ancient experience.

The winery I Pàstini, located in the heart of the earth Itria Valley, the land of the trulli, strives to maintain the wisdom traditions with the modern wine-making techniques, thus getting the best enology Puglia is capable of producing.

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